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Alan Jackson - Memphis, TN....
"I had to visit Toledo on business and had no idea where to stay or what to do while I was in town. Jessica, thanks for all your help"

Stephen Myers- Monroe, MI....
"Our company party was in Toledo and we were looking for a nice place that could host an event for 200 people. Not being from Toledo, it was hard come up with a place. The Toledo.com Concierge service made it easy and the party went off without a hitch!"


Job Transfers....
My wife and I are being transferred to Toledo. It is happening quickly and I need your opinion on what the best private schools are for a 14 yr old and what part of town is best for us. I will be working at the Toledo Hospital and she will be working freelance from home. She likes small town atmosphere and love to SHOP! Please Help! Your opinion is appreciated.

Business Meetings in Toledo...
I have meeting an important client in Toledo and need to pick a place to meet that has room for 5-8 people. It would be perfect if this was a restaurant with a professional style meeting room, serves good food and has a bar for after meeting socializing. It is important that it is close to the turn pike and within 25 minutes from the Toledo Express Airport. Can you help me?

My wife just lost an aunt in Toledo that we did not know very well. She was very old and we are the only relative that can help take care of the services and funeral. Can you give us the names of a few reputable funeral services and cemeteries? Also there will be a few of us coming to the area and it would be helpful if you can suggest a hotel that might be convenient for us all stay during this time.

Out of Town Wedding Guests...
My buddy lives in Toledo and is getting married in 2 weeks. I would love to fly in and take him out on the town. I need to have all my ducks in a row for this trip and need some advice. I need to know a few good restaurants, what is the best limo company to hire and where should I take the guys? I don’t want to spend more then about $750.00. What do you think?

Getting Married in Toledo
I am just back from a trip and got engaged. We live in MI but want to come to Toledo and get married as soon as possible. Can we get married in Toledo? I heard it is much easier then in MI. Who can I speak with in Toledo that can give us all the info we need.