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Date Name Venue
01/30/2015 Tricky Dick & The Cover Ups Bar 145
01/30/2015 Stonehouse The Bronze Boar
01/30/2015 Decades Past, The Martyr Design, Decapitus, Sarah's A Cutter, Glascity, Disturbed Silence Iggys (aka Bar EDM)
01/30/2015 Claire Cooper Swig
01/30/2015 LT DANíS NEW LEGS Martini and Nuzzis
01/30/2015 Raq the Casbah Ye Olde Durty Bird
01/30/2015 Broken Glass DJ Havok, DJ Pockets Frankies
01/30/2015 Triosence featuring Morgan Stiegler Degage Jazz Cafe
01/30/2015 Waiting On Wednesday, A Crowd Like You, Unlabeled, Into The Wild Frankies
01/30/2015 The Whiskey Charmers with Timothy David Ottawa Tavern
01/30/2015 Queen Nation: Queen Tribute Band H Lounge @ Hollywood Casino
01/30/2015 Straight Up Degage Jazz Cafe
01/31/2015 The Fabulous Johnson Brothers Bar 145
01/31/2015 Decent Folk The Bronze Boar
01/31/2015 Affiance, Phinehas, Kingdom of Giants, Northern Shores, Into The Wild, Destroying Patterns Frankies
01/31/2015 Vattnet Viskar, Traitor, Mutilatred Ottawa Tavern
01/31/2015 Bob and Trez Swig
01/31/2015 The Whiskey Charmers with Tim Richisson Ottawa Tavern
01/31/2015 Joshua Bell (violinist) Toledo Museum of Art Peristyle
01/31/2015 Captain Sweet Shoes Claddagh Irish Pub
01/31/2015 JOEY SAID NO Martini and Nuzzis
01/31/2015 John Condrone & Fish Fisher Ye Olde Durty Bird
01/31/2015 Triosence featuring Morgan Stiegler Degage Jazz Cafe
01/31/2015 Arctic Clam H Lounge @ Hollywood Casino
01/31/2015 Cynthia Kay Bennett Degage Jazz Cafe
02/04/2015 Chris Knopp Bar 145
02/04/2015 Heartist, Sycamour, Brightwell, Dementria, Civil Hands Frankies
02/04/2015 Andrew Ellis The Village Idiot
02/05/2015 Mojo Flo Bar 145
02/05/2015 Michael Corwin with Meg, Dickie and Don from Dragon Wagon Ottawa Tavern
02/05/2015 Clifford Murphy Birthday Celebration: Josh Silver, Nelson Overton, Jean Holden, Joan Crawford & more Forresters on the River
02/05/2015 ADAM FEARS (NASHVILLE, TN) Martini and Nuzzis
02/06/2015 The Marshall Tucker Band Meyer Theater
02/06/2015 JJ Rupp Bar 145
02/06/2015 Triple Threat Muzik, ALLDay, Flaco, BOOMCLICK, T-jaks, Sly of HBM Iggys (aka Bar EDM)
02/06/2015 Feds, Poison Tongues, Rather Be Your Enemy Ottawa Tavern
02/06/2015 Thunder Road AJ Doolittles
02/06/2015 Chicago Afrobeat Project Frankies
02/06/2015 Last Born Sons Treo One2 Lounge
02/06/2015 THE BRIDGES Martini and Nuzzis
02/07/2015 Demonshifter, Sugarboxx, Tinfoil, Swizzit D The, Black Swamp Casket Company, Aim Your Arrows, The Scarlett Letter, Social Impact, Paying For The Priceless (PftP), Constricted Frankies
02/07/2015 BEN STALETS BAND with The Old Adage and Conestoga Trace Ottawa Tavern
02/07/2015 BUSH LEAGUE The Bronze Boar
02/07/2015 Tina Turner Impersonator AJ Doolittles
02/07/2015 Caveman & the Dinosaurs Claddagh Irish Pub
02/07/2015 Jack & the Bear Treo One2 Lounge
02/08/2015 The Moxies, Hobo Stew, The Natives, The Erer's, The Howling Loud, Screw, Harlow, Ascending Souls, Sros Lords Frankies
02/10/2015 CALEN SAVIDGE & JASON GOSS Martini and Nuzzis
02/11/2015 Andrew Ellis The Village Idiot
02/11/2015 Dueling Pianos AJ Doolittles
02/12/2015 Cliff Murphy & Mike Whitty Degage Jazz Cafe
02/13/2015 Forrest & The Evergreens, Mo Lowda & The Humble Frankies
02/13/2015 Crossover AJ Doolittles
02/13/2015 Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate Grounds For Thought
02/13/2015 DJ Havoc, Darks Choir Iggys (aka Bar EDM)
02/13/2015 The New Fashioned Treo One2 Lounge
02/13/2015 EAST RIVER DRIVE Martini and Nuzzis
02/14/2015 CRUCIAL 420 The Bronze Boar
02/14/2015 Hydro and Jbizz, North Coast Fam, Dfg Ent, Menace, B46 (bomb BOi), B Wills, Swiss Tha SAvage, THC, Listen, Young Ceaser Iggys (aka Bar EDM)
02/14/2015 Straight Up! Trio Treo One2 Lounge
02/14/2015 The Red Paintings, Fail and Deliver Frankies
02/14/2015 PHILLIP FOX BAND Martini and Nuzzis
02/18/2015 Andrew Ellis The Village Idiot
02/19/2015 Miranda Lambert with special guests Justin Moore and RaeLynn Huntington Center
02/19/2015 PHOX Cla Zel Theater
02/19/2015 Matt Woods The Village Idiot
02/19/2015 Athens Wheeler Laffs Comedy Club
02/19/2015 DUELING PIANOS Martini and Nuzzis
02/20/2015 Stonehouse Treo One2 Lounge
02/20/2015 THE POPBILLIES Martini and Nuzzis
02/21/2015 Koffin Kats, BathHouseBetty, Drop Dead Silhouette Frankies
02/21/2015 Triple Threat Muzik, 1837 Ent, Luv Jones, Eddy Gardo Iggys (aka Bar EDM)
02/21/2015 Old State Line Treo One2 Lounge
02/21/2015 THE WEBSTERíS Martini and Nuzzis
02/22/2015 Caskey, Earlly Mac, Raine Wilder, Rey V & DBoi Frankies
02/22/2015 Spence, Illumira, Singularity, Nuaudio Iggys (aka Bar EDM)
02/22/2015 BENEFIT FOR JAYLYNN ICKE Martini and Nuzzis
02/24/2015 CALEN SAVIDGE & JASON GOSS Martini and Nuzzis
02/25/2015 Andrew Ellis The Village Idiot
02/27/2015 Streamlined Culture Clash Records
02/27/2015 Dethrone The Deceiver, The Martyr Design, Lament Iggys (aka Bar EDM)
02/27/2015 The Midnight Flowers Treo One2 Lounge
02/27/2015 LT DANíS NEW LEGS Martini and Nuzzis
02/28/2015 Streamlined, Jura, Dark Red Ottawa Tavern
02/28/2015 Streamlined with Jura and Dark Red Ottawa Tavern
02/28/2015 Ruth Nichols & Friends Treo One2 Lounge
03/01/2015 Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, Andrew Ellis Frankies
03/01/2015 Let It Be - a celebration of the music of The Beatles Stranahan Theater
03/02/2015 Rookie of the Year Frankies
03/04/2015 Andrew Ellis The Village Idiot
03/06/2015 Thunder Road AJ Doolittles
03/06/2015 It Lies Within, Conquer Divide Iggys (aka Bar EDM)
03/06/2015 Paper Canoe Treo One2 Lounge
03/07/2015 Sol Cat Frankies
03/07/2015 Ohiowa Iggys (aka Bar EDM)
03/07/2015 Twinpfunk Treo One2 Lounge
03/07/2015 Bizarre from D-12, Jackie Chain, C-Fifth, T-jaks, Shaun Cee Frankies
03/08/2015 Acoustics for Autism The Village Idiot
03/08/2015 Gery Mullen & The Works - One Night of Queen Stranahan Theater
03/11/2015 Charlie Parr and J.D. Wilkes The Village Idiot
03/12/2015 Brit Floyd Huntington Center
03/13/2015 Rodney Parker and Liberty Beach AJ Doolittles
03/13/2015 Swingmania Treo One2 Lounge
03/14/2015 Andrew Ellis Treo One2 Lounge
03/14/2015 Lost In Chicago CD Release Megaton Hammer, One In the Chamber, The Black Swamp Casket Company Frankies
03/15/2015 Chris Tomlin Huntington Center
03/18/2015 Andrew Ellis The Village Idiot
03/20/2015 Stonehouse Treo One2 Lounge
03/21/2015 Hour 24, Silver Age, Aim Your Arrows, Ordway, Awake At Last, Civil Hands, Missing In Cincinnati, Northern Lights Frankies
03/21/2015 Quick Trio Treo One2 Lounge
03/25/2015 Andrew Ellis The Village Idiot
03/26/2015 Jason Aldean wsg Cole Swindell, Tyler Farr and Dee Jay Silver Huntington Center
03/27/2015 River Raisin Ragtime Revue Meyer Theater
03/27/2015 Tim Oehlers & Steve Knurek Treo One2 Lounge
03/28/2015 Ekoostik Hookah Frankies
03/28/2015 The New Fashioned Treo One2 Lounge
03/28/2015 Ego and the Maniacs, The Waltz, Canceled Out, Texas Pete and the Revolutions Iggys (aka Bar EDM)
04/03/2015 Swingmania Treo One2 Lounge
04/04/2015 Kentucky Chrome The Blarney Irish Pub
04/04/2015 Quartet Bernadette Treo One2 Lounge
05/02/2015 Shall We Dance? w/The Toledo Symphony Orchestra Stranahan Theater
06/06/2015 Kentucky Chrome The Blarney Irish Pub
07/10/2015 Chris Young Centennial Terrace
08/15/2015 Kentucky Chrome The Blarney Irish Pub
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