Carjack and GoLab Churn Out Experimental Rock at OT

Listen Up Toledo  |  09/21/2010 7:00 am

The last time Carjack came to town I missed the show, and from what I understand that was a big mistake.

Hailing from Detroit, Carjack is a one man band who's frantic, manic experimental post-rock sounds have been equated to everything from the Stooges and Black Flag to Egyptian Lover and the Atari game system. His maniac 8-bit space punk has been heralded by all Detroit's acclaimed press outlets, and if you watch a few of the You Tube videos of his live performances, you'll understand why.

Carjack seems to be another in Detroit's ever-increasing line of art-punks whose music represents the chaotic, hopeless, build-it-because-they're-not-coming-anyway aesthetics of the new sort-of still Motor City. If you dig the head-swirling, carefree, beautifully violent love attack of acts like Charlie Slick, Deastro, and Marco Polio and The New Vaccines, then this show is for you.

Joining Carjack on the bill is Toledo's own musical mastermind, Joel Roberts, in his front as GoLab. This two-piece outfit - also staring Jeff Loose on drums - is no stranger to the local scene, and the duo has been cooking up their own nightmarishly pleasant mixture of musical mess, complete with over-the-top live stage performance, for a few years now. The thing about GoLab - and I presume to be true about Carjack as well - is that the chaos isn't chaotic without cause. In the end, it's the music that matters, and this is the most mind-bending, ear-pleasing, far-out shit happening on the planet. For reasons unknown that make perfect sense, it could only come from the post-apocalyptic industrial fall out of the once grand rust belt.

This is the sound that describes our future, traveling through space in a rusted-out carcass of '49 Packard, playing vintage video games while we soar right into the sun.

Carjack and GoLab play the Ottawa Tavern (1815 Adams St.) on Friday, September 24. Doors at 9 p.m. No cover.