Big Blues Bash at Hines Farm Saturday

Listen Up Toledo  |  01/04/2012 7:00 am

A lot of people consider Hines Farm a summertime venue, and while there's no doubt that it is, I prefer it in the winter. It's only when it's cold and the shows are indoors that you get the real vibe of the old country juke joint the place is heralded for being. In the ramshackle tightness of its vintage wood panels, glass block, and worn chairs and tables -- when the place is really packed, and the band is really hot -- as you look around and see people chompin' on sloppy barbecue and sloshing drinks around, and as you try to peer over the swell of people dancing up front to catch a glimpse of the slick-suited players on the stage -- that's when you feel what Hines is about. And it feels special.

That feeling isn't anything without the music though, and (while I adore the BBQ at the Farm) the music is what the place has always been about; you won't catch any phonies here. This week, Hines Farm kicks in the New Year with the first show of 2012 and invites a handful of steadfast locals to do it with. Delving into a mixture of KC-style hot jump blues, Delta mouth harp, and electric Chicago swing, three local staples who've more than earned their chops ring in the year with drinking, dancing, BBQ, and blues - just the way it was meant to be. Check out Voodoo Libido, Buddy Boy Slim & The Blues Rockers, and Mudfoot and The Evolutionary Blues Band as they set the place a-fire with hot licks and cool lyrics this weekend.

The Big Blues Bash at Hines Farm (3950 Berkey-Southern, just south of Toledo Express Airport) takes place on Saturday, January 7. Doors at 6 p.m. (get there early). $12.