The Dumb Easies douse the OT in refreshing rock Saturday

Listen Up Toledo  |  11/01/2012

If more bands were making the kind of big, fun, sexy rock n’ roll The Dumb Easies belt out effortlessly, the current state of rock music certainly on the local level might seem less dire. A mixture of ‘70s New York punk, a dose of heavy Ramones influence, and throwback ‘50s rock and doo-wop vocals executed with a rowdy ‘90s grunge energy The Dumb Easies are making some of the most familiarly original music you’ve heard in years. The band’s new record, “Love! Love! Love!” has the feel of a nostalgic rock club, a high school dance, and a Sunset Strip-cruising Saturday night all at once. You can check out a few tracks from the album on their Facebook page here. Look for the full release on iTunes and Amazon.

The Dumb Easies play the Ottawa Tavern (1815 Adams St.) on Saturday, November 3. The Kyle Sowashes and Highland also play. Music at 10 p.m. No cover.