Alive and Kicking: Toledo United FC

Team represents Ohio in Premier League of America

Toledo Local Features  |  By Kelly Thompson  |  07/01/2016 1:00 pm

For Americans, football is, well, football — overblown halftime shows, over-the-top commercial advertising, and often more commentary than actual gameplay. For many other countries, soccer (futból) is the national game of choice. But that trend is changing, as more Americans are starting to invest the same kind of cheering and jeering into women’s and men’s soccer that they traditionally reserved for the guys in pads and helmets.  

(Above: A fan congratulates a Toledo United player. Photo courtesy: Toledo United FC)

Toledo United FC is in its first season as the city’s only league team. They are part of the newly formed Premier League of America, one of several national leagues, and their name echoes a traditional moniker of teams around the world, such as Newcastle United FC, or Minnesota United FC — F.C. for “football club.”

Media liaison Jordan Boze returned to Toledo, his home, after a stint in Grand Rapids FC, which at the time was a part of the Great Lakes Premier League. That league was reformed as the Premier League of America, which currently hosts 12 teams, including Toledo United, the only team representing Ohio at this time.

“It’s absolutely huge to have a community team like TUFC, especially with the presence youth soccer has in the greater Toledo area,” Boze said in a June 29 interview. “You’ve got a number of youth soccer organizations in the area, and it gives these kids something more tangible to aspire to and dream about,” he said.

Toledo United FC currently has 30 players on its roster, and Boze says the team plans to have an open tryout before next season, roughly May through July. Home games take place at Springfield High School, 1470 S. McCord Rd., Holland, OH. View the team schedule here.

The team is owned and managed by Peter Schinkai and David Hebestreit, who was previously at AFC Ann Arbor and now serves as Toledo United’s head coach.

“We have really high hopes and aspirations for the club, and I wholeheartedly believe that we have a great foundation from which to build and build the right way,” Boze explained. “So if you are a fan of soccer, or Toledo sports in general, you should be extremely excited for the future of the organization.”

Toledo United FC's last season game is at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, July 9 against Carpathia FC.  Tickets are available online up to 24 hours ahead of the game or at the gate. The team will also be raffling off a ball autographed by the entire team. Get tickets or more info here.

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