Secret Space Video Premiere: Safety Not Guaranteed

Listen Up Toledo  |  03/14/2017 1:00 pm

"Safety Not Guaranteed came to fruition while we were on tour our full US tour with Anthony Green and Mat Kerekes this past fall. We usually start our set with PxCz, which has a pretty loud and abrasive guitar lead, but since we were opening for two acoustic acts we wanted an opener that would ease the crowd into our set. We wrote Safety Not Guaranteed very differently than any song up until that point. Since we were on the road we all came up with the arrangement collaboratively, which has became the basis for how we have written our new songs since then. Lyrically the song is pretty simple, about a road trip I went on a few years ago, which obviously fits the vibe of embarking on a tour. Moreover, to me the song is all about the adventure and uncertainty that comes with travel, and using the experience as a period of growth and discovery." ~ Dean Tartaglia

After months of releasing acoustic videos of fan-requested tracks, Toledo-based alternative band Secret Space has announced "The Window Room Part 2; Lost in a Dream", a reimagined and stripped down version of their debut album "The Window Room" (on Equal Vision Records). The new offering will also include B-sides and covers by Weezer and The Smashing Pumpkins. As opposed to recording a new EP altogether, Secret Space wanted to shed a new light on what it means to be a prolific band. "The Window Room Part 2; Lost in a Dream" was self-produced at drummer Steve Warstler's new studio "The Master Bedroom" in Toledo OH. It is out March 17th for free on Bandcamp (  


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