Discovery Trail Kickoff at the Toledo Botanical Garden

Keeping Up With Kids  |  05/19/2017 7:05 am

Toledo Botanical Garden is excited to announce, the creation of the Garden Discovery Trail (the Trail). After years of planning, the Trail was created by national experts in family garden design and embraces the entire 66-acre campus, inviting children and their families to explore a variety of “Playable Places” and “Playable Moments.”

What: Discovery Trail Kickoff
Where: Toledo Botanical Garden, 5403 Elmer Drive
When: Kickoff date is May 13
The first five Playable Moments will be unveiled. They include:

- Secret Spruce Grove - Come inside. Snuggle into a chair. Do you feel like a baby bird in a nest? A caterpillar in a chrysalis? A bug in a spider’s web? What other creatures are taking shelter in this secret space? Look up. Listen. Watch the branches sway. Let your imagination take flight.

- Word Garden - “I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree” (Joyce Kilmer). Create your own story or poem using these words on stones. Let others know the adventure you’ve had. Take a picture, but please leave all stones here for future authors.

- Pollination - Pollinators move pollen from flower to flower. These balls roll from stem to stem, much like the grains of pollen. Transfer of these little grains provides nutritious food to eat and beautiful plants to enjoy. Most people know these pollinators: bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Others you may not know: ants, beetles, squirrels, and even the wind.

- Music of the Woods - Stop. Close your eyes. Listen to the sounds. Can you hear the wind? Do you hear frogs, birds, or insects? These are the sounds of the outdoors. It’s your turn to make music. Drum like a cicada, trill like a toad, or make a new sound that is all your own.

- Digging and Planting - At Toledo Botanical Garden, there are all types of gardens: the fairy garden, herb garden, and rose garden are just a few. Be a junior gardener and dig, plant, and "grow” in this rock garden. Maybe one day you will be a horticulturist (specialized gardener) and help care for the plants at TBG.