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The Buzz Book announces
Best Friend Forever Contest winners.

They were wonderful. Made us chuckle, brought forth a tear. When it comes to describing your Best Friend in 25 words or less, we were blessed with some real gems. Thanks to all who entered our contest which Levis Commons helped sponsor. Thanks to all the fine merchants at Levis Commons and especially the Hilton--where our winning friends will spend the night!!!!!!!

Grand prize goes to Susan Landversicht for her entry:
We were six-years-old. Met first day of school. Now 53 years later, shared life's joys and sorrows. We are still sisters at heart.

The other nine winners who get $25 gift certificates to Nagoya are:

  • Karen Snyder
  • Terri Gillen
  • Charisse Montgomery
  • Veronica Mielcarek
  • Elaine Blackwood
  • Marcia Fox
  • Sandra Roster
  • Denise Martin
  • Lori Gruetter

What's the Buzz?

Some things in life should just be fun. Our hope is that The Buzz Book is one such stitch in the fabric of your day.

Our goal is to highlight some of the area's finest businesses and institutions; items of note; hints to make life flow a little better; and a compendium of upcoming events that add richness to the greater community and your life as well.

The Buzz Book is all about touting the region and its many wonderful offerings. Take a breath, relax and enjoy. We're concentrating on our good fortune and taking some time to buzz about it.

Please use The Buzz Book as a resource. We believe its size and paper quality give it a distinction unlike other publications. Please let us know what you'd like to see us "buzz" about. Those schools, non-profits, great stores and restaurants you frequent and enjoy. Be a honey and tell us of the buzz-worthy wonders hiding around the corner from your home.

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Published 4 times per year, The Buzz Book can be found for free at over 70 of Northwest Ohio's best destinations including: cafes, restaurants, libraries, salons, shops, physician's offices and more.
Included in our extensive list of locations are:
Barry Bagels Locations
Beaners Locations
Wildwood Athletic Club
Several YMCA locations
The Perrysburg Library
Sanger Branch Library,
Sylvania Library,
Shamas Urban Retreat in Perrysburg and Sylvania,
Dia's Salon and Spa,
Lexus of Toledo

.....and many more premium locations throughout West Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, Perrysburg and beyond!

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