Glass City Pedicabs

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We are Glass City Pedicab, Toledo’s first and only pedicab company. We are Toledo's first 100% green transportation company. We use all natural pedal power to get you where you need to go, whether that's to your lunch date or just back to your car from the game, we'll get you there! We also do rentals for weddings, dates, parades or whatever the occasion may be.

Glass city Pedicabs has been a part of the downtown/uptown scene for 7 years now and are growing. We have a fleet of Pedicabs we use to transport people around downtown Toledo, to the Mud Hens games, and to the bars, and we operate a pedal pub to add to the night life of Toledo.
What is a pedal pub?
It's a16 passenger, 4 wheeled , mobile bar that you and 16 others pedal from bar to bar, or on your own tour.
Each tour comes with your own driver and bar tender/tour guide, and cold tasty beverages.