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Toledo Spirits Company
1301 N Summit St
Toledo, OH 43604
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Phone: 419.662.9521

41.6595963-83.521305 Toledo Spirits Company
1301 N Summit St
Toledo, OH 43604
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Founded in 2013, Toledo Spirits produces small batch spirits using traditional methods. But their spirits are anything but ordinary.

Heart of Glass Vodka smells like taking a stroll through a strawberry field - made with real Northwest Ohio strawberries, hand-crafted with no sugar and an unforgettable aroma.

East Side Gin
is like no other. Made with six botanicals that will make your G+T extraordinary; subtle juniper, coriander and cardamom, a balanced center note of fennel pollen, and a long citrus finish of lemon balm and verbena. Surprising neat, perfect when paired with fresh juice.

Maumee Moonshine
is a masterclass in the origins of great spirits - our sour-mashed, double-potstilled traditional Northwest Ohio moonshine is made with corn, sugar, and apples. It comes across like a rum, shines in a Bloody Mary, and is an amazing sipper.

Orange Tiger
- a bourbon-barrel aged orange liqueur. Orange Tiger will add the taste of summer and the dangers of the jungle to any cocktail. Equally fabulous as an aperitif, Orange Tiger’s gentle sweetness and rich citrus flavors make any cocktail a craft cocktail.

Heart of Gold Vodka
is a straight vodka with silky smoothness and the character of an old world spirit. Made from multiple grains, filtered with precious metals, Heart of Gold is the vodka you deserve.

Visit their distillery at 1301 N Summit St in downtown Toledo, Ohio or ask your local retailer!