Cedar Point Amusement Park

Sandusky, Ohio

Since the 1870s, Cedar Point amusement park has been a summertime tradition for families across the Midwest.  The rich history and modern world wonders have created one of the most successful entertainment attractions in the

Every year Cedar Point hosts more than three million people from around the world.  Its popularity continues to grow due to world-recording-breaking roller coasters and amazing attractions.

With 68 rides, including 16 roller coasters, Cedar Point has more rides and more roller coasters than any park in the world.

Two of its newest coasters are legends.  Built in 2003, Top Thrill Dragster is 420 feet tall and reaches speeds of 120 mph!  On the other side of the peninsula, the Millennium Force stands 310 feet in the air and reaches speeds of 93 mph along more than 6,500 feet of track.

The Magnum XL-200 steel roller coaster features a huge hill of more than 200 feet while the maXair ride, Cedar Point's newest ride, swings guests 140 feet in the air. Riders sit in outward-facing suspended seats that form a giant circle of 50 passengers as their legs dangle freely in the air. Both attractions reach speeds of 70 mph.

Other attractions include Gemini, Raptor, Power Towers, Demon Drop,

Corkscrew, Iron Dragon, Mantis and the Mean Streak, a wooden roller coaster.

Looking to get wet?  Water rides inside the park include Thunder Canyon, White Water Landing and the 82-foot-tall Snake River Falls that soaks you and spectators on the bridge.

Cedar Point also features live entertainment, Camp Snoopy, a special area for young families, antique cars, bumper car/boats and a railroad that travels around the back half of the park.

Want a look at the whole park at a slower pace? Ride the Sky Ride, a tradition since 1961, or the 330-foot-tall Space Spiral observation tower.

Adjacent to Cedar Point is the Soak City waterpark that offers plenty of fun-filled water entertainment including several winding slides and moving river rides.

Next to Soak City is the Challenge Park activity complex that features go-kart racing, miniature golf and the RipCord skycoaster.

With resort accommodations right on the peninsula, Cedar Point is an ideal location for a mini-vacation or weekend getaway.

The historic 650-room Hotel Breakers has provided classical housing for Cedar Point visitors since 1905. It features an indoor and two outdoor swimming pools, Jacuzzis, a '50s-style ice cream shop, Italian eatery,
coffee shop, gift shops, arcades and a T.G.I. Friday's restaurant.

The lakeside Sandcastle Suites Hotel has 187 two-room suites, an outdoor pool and whirlpool spa, private beach, tennis courts, gazebo and the Breakwater Cafe.

Guests at Lighthouse Point can enjoy waterfront cottages, cabins and RV campgrounds.  For boaters, Cedar Point offers a full-service marina.

On the mainland, the economy-priced Breakers Express hotel has 350 rooms, outdoor swimming pool, whirlpool spa and game room.

In November, Cedar Point introduced the Castaway Bay indoor waterpark resort.  Open year-round, Castaway Bay has 230 rooms and suites, day spa and a 38,000-square-foot indoor water park featuring a pool, whirlpool spas, the Rendezvous Run water roller coaster and restaurants.

Many visitors enjoy the privileges of registered guests at Cedar Point-owned hotels who receive entry into the park 30 minutes before the general public, access to the Cedar Point beach and options to purchase discounted Cedar Point tickets.

Call 419-627-2106 for central reservations for all the Cedar Point-owned properties.

Cedar Point has entertained people for more than 135 years! The park was originally named for the groves of cedar trees that once outlined the peninsula. It first started as a bathing beach with small attractions and
gradually turned into the Cedar Point of today.

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Author: Michael Siebenaler