Toledo Ohio Firefighters' Museum

Toledo Firefighters' Museum

Founded in 1976, the Toledo Firefighters’ Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the Toledo Fire Division as well as educating its citizens about fire prevention and safety.

Located just a few minutes from downtown Toledo, the two-story museum (circa 1920) is housed in the “Old Number 18 Fire House” on Sylvania Avenue.

The extensive displays at the museum include many large pieces of early fire fighting equipment, including Toledo’s first fire pumper, the 1837 “Neptune,” which has been meticulously restored by firefighters from the area.

Included in the exhibits are a watchman’s desk and tape register and firefighters’ sleeping quarters. There are also hundreds of vintage photos, uniforms, antique fire toys, scrapbooks, journals and references on display. The museum has added a 9-11 display since the New York disaster in 2001. Included in the display are many pieces from the 9-11 disaster as well as a painting by well-known firefighter artist Paul Zurawski.

Because education is always foremost for firefighters, the museum houses a safety and learning center on the second floor of the old fire house. Areas known as “Jed’s Bedroom” and “Fireman Freddy’s Fire Station” were constructed to allow children to role play situations they might come in contact with in their own homes, including how to plan escape routes from their homes, test smoke detectors, feel doors for heat and keep low in case of smoke.

The Toledo Firefighters’ Museum is located at 918 Sylvania Ave. Open on Saturdays from 12-4, the museum is also available for weekday or evening group tours by appointment. Admission is free. For more information, call 419.478.3473 or log onto

Written by: Pam Ciepichal