Britanee LeeAnn Wott

Britanee LeeAnn Wott


November 20, 2017


Tell us more about some of your past projects?

My focus as an artist is portraiture of people and animals. In the past I have done several shows in Port Clinton as well as teach several classes for the Port Clinton Artist Club. In 2015 I was happy to do a show with the PRIZM Creative Community as well as Artomatic 419. This past year I taught a class for the Toledo Area Women’s Artist group on dog portraiture. They are such a wonderful group and I feel very blessed to have met such wonderful women. I also participated in the Bowling Green Art walk this past spring.

What current projects are you working on?

Currently I’ve been focusing my efforts on several personal art challenges to push my skills to the next level. In September I did a drawing every day of a celebrity male in pencil. In October, I participated in Inktober, a challenge to complete an ink illustration or sketch every day. I’m building my portfolio with new works for upcoming shows in the spring and summer as well as commissions for the Christmas season. 

What advantages does being in Northwest Ohio/Toledo offer your efforts?

Northwest Ohio has such a great community. I’ve met some really wonderful and kind individuals while living here. I’d say the greatest advantage of living in the Toledo area is the willingness people have to help you succeed.

Tell us about one of your greatest successes.

Chris Meloni (best known for his character Eliot Stabler on Law and Order SVU) actually owns one of my art pieces. He saw it via social media and contacted me about the portrait sketch I did of him. I’m a big fan of him as an actor and I was over the moon. 

Tell us who or what gives you inspiration?

I draw a lot of inspiration from pop culture. Many people are obsessed with celebrities to the point it becomes a religion. This idea fascinates me and drives me forward. Fellow artists in the community help keep me inspired as well. Their drive and compassion is infectious and I feel honored to know such awesome individuals.

Tell us about your background.

I was born in Port Clinton, raised in Clyde, Ohio. I went to college at the Columbus College of Art and Design and graduated in 2012 with a BFA with a concentration in Illustration and a minor in Art History. I lived in the Columbus Area for about seven years before moving to the Toledo area. I currently live in Maumee and have been there for about 2 years.  

Do you have a motto or favorite quote you try to live by?

I just try to be as positive as possible. I believe what you put into life is what you get out of it.

Favorite place for local culture?

The Toledo Museum of Art and the Fifth Third Field.

Toledo’s “best kept secret” is . . .

The Registry Bistro has amazing food and atmosphere. I recommend everyone try it at least once!

My favorite place to chill locally is . . .

Allied Record Exchange is my favorite place to chill. I love the smell of old records. It’s so fun to spend hours hunting through the dollar bins. I paint musician’s portraits on vinyl so I usually end up with a stack to paint on and a stack to listen to.

My favorite natural space in the Toledo area is . . .

Side Cut Metropark

When I’m not working hard, I can always be found at . . . 

I spend a lot of time at Books-A-Million in Perrysburg. Nothing beats drinking coffee and looking at books.

If you could change anything about the current landscape for creative, progressive people . . .

Currently creative software is very expensive. It would be wonderful if there was a way to lessen the cost so more artists could utilize these programs.

Any exciting collaborations (past or present) you would like to tell us about?

I haven’t had the opportunity to do a collaborative piece, but would love to in the future!

Name one person (living or deceased) who you would love to collaborate with.

I’d love to collaborate with Scott M Fischer. He’s one of my favorite illustrators and it would be an honor to work with him.

Name a CD, book or website you can’t live without.

I honestly don’t think I could live without Instagram. I go there for inspiration from other artists, art tips, and networking. The art community is vast and I’m constantly learning new techniques from masters and peers alike.

3 words that best describe me or my work are . . .

Colorful, fun, and evolving

Give us 5 Desert Island Album picks.

Britney Spears Greatest hits (it’s ok, you can judge me)
Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill
Nirvana - Nevermind
Halsey – Badlands
Lady Gaga- Fame Monster

My biggest vice is . . .


I’d like to see __________ in Toledo.

The community to continue to come together

What’s the last dream you recall having?

I do not recall

The last lyric that moved me was . . .

“I’m a believer, it’s chaos, Where are our Leaders?” –Angel Down by Lady Gaga

One movie character I identify with is . . .

Garth from Wayne’s World

The best gift I’ve ever received was . . .

My first Prisma Colored Pencil set. Thanks Mom and Dad!

My most inspiring moment was/is . . .

I was in a drawing class at a college preview at CCAD and the professor said, “It might take 10 or 20 years, but you will make it as an artist. Work hard and you will make it.” That moment has never left me.

I want my last meal to be _______________.

Roast chicken with mashed potatoes.


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