David Yonke

David Yonke

Journalist, Editor

April 19, 2016


The News-Messenger (Fremont), The News-Herald (Port Clinton)


Tell us a little bit about some of your past projects: 

I’ve been a journalist all my life, and have written thousands of articles. In addition to general assignment reporting and a variety of editing jobs, I was a music critic for 10 years and covered religion news for 14 years. I’ve written two nonfiction books.

What are you currently working on?: 

I am the editor of two newspapers, The News-Messenger in Fremont and The News Herald in Port Clinton.

Living in Toledo is an advantage for your work because: 

Toledo is big enough to have a lot of interesting stories, but small enough to avoid the big-city hassles.

One of your greatest successes: 

Winning the Ohio Associated Press Investigative Reporter of the Year Award (with Michael D. Sallah) in 2003 for our series on abusive priests and cover-up in the Toledo Catholic Diocese.

What inspires you?:

I am inspired every day to do the best that I can as a journalist and as a person. I take very seriously the privilege and responsibility of being a journalist in serving the public.  

About your background: 

I am a native of Brooklyn, N.Y. and have lived in Toledo 35 years. I earned a degree in psychology from Duke University, but decided to pursue a less sensible career. 

What is a favorite quote you try to live by? 

“The job of the newspaper is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” 

What's your favorite local culture in Toledo?: 

Great music and great art. There is a surprising amount of creative mojo here.

Toledo’s ‘best­ kept secret’ is…

The local history branch of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library. They’ve got anything and everything — and will help you find what you need.

Your favorite place to chill locally is… 

My back porch.

Favorite natural space in Toledo: 

All of the Metroparks, especially Wildwood.

When not working hard, you can be found… 

Strumming a guitar or dabbling with paint on canvas.

If you could change the current landscape for creative progressive people in Toledo...

I’d reopen Rusty’s Jazz Café and Murphy's Place. 

One person (living or deceased) you’d like to collaborate with: 


An album, book or website you can’t live without: 

The Bible (I like a lot of albums, books and websites but can live without them.)

Three words that best describe you and/or your work: 

Impossible to pigeonhole.

Your 5 ‘desert island’ album picks: 

The Beatles (White Album); U2, “The Joshua Tree”; Weather Report, “Mysterious Traveler”; Jimmy Buffett,  “Far Side of the World”; Led Zeppelin II

Biggest vice is…

FIFA soccer on PlayStation

I’d like to see _______ in Toledo.

A new jazz club. 

The last dream you recall: 

I met Brad Pitt in a tropical bar and he said he wanted to do a movie about my book “Sin, Shame & Secrets”.

The last lyric that moved you: 

It’s not new, but I recently heard it and marveled at the images and emotions stirred without using verbs: “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel.

One movie character you identify with:

Stingo in “Sophie’s Choice” 

The best gift I ever received was… 

The love of family.

My most inspiring moment is/was: 

When God grabbed me by the shoulders and shook some sense into me.

I want my last meal to be: 

 A Cheeseburger in Paradise



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