Jaci Riley

Jaci Riley

Jewelry Designer

August 28, 2013


Crave Jewelry Design


Jaci Riley's career as a jewelry maker all began out of necessity. During her college years, Jaci had a difficult time finding jewelry she actually wanted to wear, and instead decided to take matters into her own hands. Several years later, Jaci runs her own Toledo-based jewelry lines: Crave Jewelry Design and Sparkover. Crave offers classy creations with a playful spin--t-rex necklaces, rising phoenix earrings and an etch design of the Toledo skyline are just a few examples of what you'll find in the Etsy shop. And Sparkover features repurposed circuit board jewelry (check out the awesome Ohio-shaped necklaces). In between creating new pieces and preparing for a few upcoming craft shows, like the Artwalk on September 12 at Seed Coworking, Jaci took some time to answer a few questions for us about her roots in Toledo.





 Instagram: @cravejewelrydesign


What current projects are you working on?
I am working on learning some new techniques; keep your eyes peeled for some really awesome pieces this winter!

What advantages does being in Northwest Ohio/Toledo offer your efforts?
I have lived in the Toledo area for all of my life, so being surrounded by family and friends is definitely helpful. Aside from selling my jewelry online, I’ve also started vending at local craft fairs and festivals. This has really been incredible for networking, meeting new people and making friends! I feel so lucky to live in such a positive and supportive city. Toledo, you’re pretty awesome.

Tell us about one of your greatest successes.
One of my biggest successes has definitely been becoming an independent artist. I am self employed! How rad is that?!

Tell us who or what gives you inspiration?
A great deal of my inspiration comes from a handful of really incredible people in my life. They have taught me how to work hard, they have encouraged me and they never let me give up. If you want something; work for it.

Tell us about your background.
I started making jewelry when I was in college, mostly for fun, and because I could never find any cool jewelry that I wanted to wear. One thing led to another and I started my jewelry business shortly after I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with my bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. I was able to work in my field part-time for a couple of years until the economy collapsed and I lost my job. I looked at my job loss as an excellent opportunity to try to make my business grow into a full time career.

Do you have a motto or favorite quote you try to live by?
I love you more than bacon!! In all seriousness, while it may be cliché, one of my favorite quotes is “One day at a time”. It is really easy to get overwhelmed when you’re the designer, the production staff, the shipping department, the marketing team, the secretary… the list goes on and on. I remind myself constantly; One day, or task, at a time. You’ve got this.

Favorite place for local culture?
I love spending time Downtown!

My favorite place to chill locally is…
On my patio with an ice cold beer and my dog.

My favorite natural space in the Toledo area is…
Definitely near the lake. I love to go out to Maumee Bay and sit on those giant steps by the lodge, especially in the winter. It’s amazing how a brisk wind off the lake can clear your head.

When I’m not working hard, I can always be found at…
Probably working in my garden, or on my bike! You might also find me at Grumpy’s eating the best turkey burger in the world.

Name a CD, book or website you can’t live without.
I definitely could not live without Etsy. Etsy has been instrumental in helping me to create a successful handmade business. I would literally starve without it.

3 words that best describe me or my work are...
Detail-oriented, hardworking, and happy!

Give us 5 Desert Island Album picks.
1. Descendents: Milo Goes to College
2. Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
3. The Sword: Apocryphon
4. Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden
5. Daft Punk: Discovery

My biggest vice is…

I’d like to see ________ in Toledo.
Less vacant buildings
More bike lanes
More nachos

The last lyric that moved me was…
“And itcame to me then that every plan is a tiny prayer to father time”

One movie character I identify with is…
Olive from Little Miss Sunshine.

The best gift I’ve ever received was…
One gift that I’ve received that was super special to me is my grandpa’s watch. He received it when he retired from The Blade after 40 years of employment in 1979.

My most inspiring moment was…
One of the best moments of my life was snowboarding over fluffy powder in the back bowls on Vail Mountain in Colorado with my best friend by my side. When you see the world wide open and at your feet like that, it definitely inspires you.

I want my last meal to be…
My mom’s homemade tacos and blueberry pie, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from Joe, a whiskey slush and a meatball pizza from Inky’s.


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