Lauren Pfund

Lauren Pfund

Visual Artist, Painter

January 5, 2016


Tell us a little bit about some of your past projects:

I have painted many illustrative monster, fish, and doll paintings. Monsters have always been my favorite subject. There is no right way for them to look. There is a complete freedom.


What are you currently working on?

Right now I am working on finishing up a story book project from forever ago. It is finally close to being done.


Living in Toledo is an advantage for your work because:

Toledo is a very affordable place to live. I was able to find a studio space in my price range right away. The greatest advantage is the local artists. In my experience, they have all been very supportive, and willing to help you out however they can.


One of your greatest successes:

For me personally, it was having work displayed in the community gallery at the Toledo Museum of Art.


What inspires you?:

Everything! I once painted a piece based on a guy’s eyebrows I saw. Sometimes I get phrases stuck in my head. I painted at least 20 pieces all stemming from "Fish out of Water!" Other times, it’s more personal, and inspired from my life itself.


About your background:

I grew up right over the state line in Michigan. I always knew I wanted to do something art-related growing up. I received an A.F.A. from Monroe County Community College. I then transferred to Adrian College and obtained a B.F.A. After that I decided to paint and see what happens! I've had a studio at the Secor Building ever since!


A favorite quote you try to live by?

Treat others how you want to be treated!


What's your favorite local culture in Toledo?:

The Downtown Art Scene has always been my favorite!


Toledo’s ‘best kept secret’ is...

a secret


Your favorite place to chill locally is…

On the 7th floor fire escape of the Secor Building


Favorite natural space in Toledo:

Wildwood Metropark


When not working hard, you can be found…

Sleeping or eating


If you could change the current landscape for creative progressive people in Toledo...

More art spaces and parks are always nice!


One person (living or deceased) you’d like to collaborate with:

Dr. Seuss


An album, book or website you can’t live without:

My sketchbook is the only one I have an emotional attachment to. It's where I sort out my head.


Three words that best describe you and/or your work:

Colorful, Imaginative, silly


Your 5 ‘desert island’ album picks:

That's too hard of a question. I would have to try and jam as many of my favorite songs on the first 4. The 5th would have to be educational album on how to survive on a desert island. So, I don't die.


Biggest vice is…



I’d like to see _______ in Toledo.

Less litter.


The last dream you recall:

I went on a family vacation to a house that had a dam in the back yard. The water came all the way up to the door. I jumped in to go swimming. Then I woke up! Nothing too crazy.


The last lyric that moved you:

Never let fear decide your fate


One movie character you identify with:

I can't think of any character in particular, but one who's worked in customer service.


The best gift I ever received was…

A bunny painting from my husband. He doesn't paint and hates it, but I love it!


My most inspiring moment is/was:

I hope is still to come! The most recent was on a trip to Tobermory, Ontario. It was really breathtaking. We completed the hardest hike I never thought I could do!


I want my last meal to be:

I would like a gourmet cheese tower with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries surrounding the bottom. I would also like steak, salmon and sushi to go with it! I will do my best to eat it all!


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