Scott Deca

Scott Deca

Visual Artist/Designer

September 2, 2015


A little bit about some of your past projects:

Since moving back to Toledo in 2012, I've stumbled my way into a quite a few interesting projects: Designing the happy bug community on Seed's windows, working with the Arts Commission to create invitations and signage for The Mix: Black and White, creating an assortment of 54 distinguished cat portraits, and even painting a giant 16-foot smiling cat face for Art-o-matic this year.

What are you currently working on?

My photography, both in the darkroom and on my computer. In the darkroom, I've started to experiment with using my iPhone screen as the negative in my enlarger — which allows me to print digital photos onto analog photo paper. It also allows me the freedom to tweak images as I print, or even use text and graphic overlays too.

How is living in Toledo an advantage for your work?

It's super affordable for a relatively big city. If all of my money went towards rent each month, it would be way more difficult to pursue any hobbies or interests that aren't exactly generating any income.

One of your greatest successes:

Developing a custom typeface for teaching bassoon finger positions.

As it turns out, there are a ton of keys on a bassoon, and even more combinations and techniques for holding those keys as well. My job was to make all of that information clear and easy to read, and just as easy to type on a computer. The only alternative at the time was clunky and hard to read, especially while trying to play an instrument. It was a cool project because I was able to solve a real communication problem with visual design — between author and student, composer and musician.

What inspires you?

Nature, mostly. I get plenty of kicks from browsing the internet and following design feeds (BOOOOOOOM!, ffffound, Dezeen, I Love Typography), but at the end of the day, I'd still much rather be outside staring at some trees instead.

About your background:

Born in Whitehouse, Ohio and raised by a pack of Norwegian forest cats in the woods. Winters were cold and long, but I survived and lived on to study graphic design at Ferris State University.

A favorite quote you try to live by:

"All the money in the world will never get back time that passed you by." – Sam Altman

Your favorite local culture in Toledo:
Group bike rides.

Toledo’s ‘best-kept secret’ is…

San Marcos Pa-pa's Tacos.

A favorite place to chill locally is…

My apartment. I love living in the Old West End.

Favorite natural space in Toledo:

Oak Openings, for sure. More specifically, that part of the Evergreen Lake Trail that opens up into older tree growth, riding from East to West:

When not working hard, you can be found…

Napping. Preferably near an open window or outside under some trees.

If you could change the current landscape for creative progressive people in Toledo...

I'd find ways to break down the mental block about being creative — I think sometimes the word "creative" can become too charged with meaning or expectations, leaving people to feel like they're either on one side or the other. Let's all just do our best to analyze what's working, what's not working, and how we might fix it.

One person (living or deceased) you'd like to collaborate with:

Erik Spiekermann.

An album, book or website you can’t live without:

The Little Prince.

Three words that best describe your and/or your work:

Sarcastic, Obsessive, Indecisive.

Your 5 ‘desert island’ album picks:

Man Man — Six Demon Bag

Pit Er Pat — Pyramids

Devendra Banhart — Niño Rojo

Beck — Guero

Gogol Bordello — Voi-La Intruder

Biggest vice is…

Online shopping.

I’d like to see _______ in Toledo.

More alternatives for transportation. Maybe start with more bike lanes and a light rail system that could coexist with the I-475/I-75 loop?

The last dream you recall:

I left cucumber water in the fridge too long and it turned into a dark green creamy paste. Didn't taste all that bad though.

The last lyric that moved you:

"Oh my God, Barbara. She looks so much like my mom..." Chemo Limo, Regina Spektor 

One movie character you identify with:

Lars, from Lars and the Real Girl.

The best gift you ever received was…

An Epson wide-format printer.

Your most inspiring moment:

Watching a print develop in a darkroom tray for the first time. Magic.

What do you want to eat at your last meal? 

Cereal. Or oatmeal pie. Can't decide.


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