Stacy Jurich

Stacy Jurich

Community Organizer, Activist, Entrepreneur

July 16, 2015


Boochy Mama's MycoBotanical Tonic



Tell us more about some of your past projects:

My first project in Toledo was co-founding Toledo Choose Local with a group of business owners and community leaders. This non-profit was formed to promote locally owned independent businesses and to educate about the economic importance of choosing local.

I have done quite a bit of work organizing with the Justice for Danny Brown Campaign. I founded the Maumee Bay River Festival in 2012 to bring awareness to our amazing watershed. I am no longer affiliated with that festival, because the non-profit that I invited to partner with and receive the profits from the festival gave me an insulting and laughable ultimatum. I don’t mind saying that in public because of how much disrespect was spewed at my work.

I've collaborated with The Commotion on a couple of experimental performance pieces expressing the irony of how our culture treats our freshwater Great Lakes.I sailed the Great Lakes on a wooden sailboat undergoing an intense sailing and biology curriculum. I opened “J. Russell’s Lounge” in Murphy’s Jazz Place with my friend Kat for about 2 months. It was short and sweet. I loved working at Murphy’s. I’ve organized bike rides and ice skating parties — fun things to bring the community together.


What current projects are you working on?

My current project is a small business called Boochy Mama’s MycoBotanical Tonic. I make kombucha, which is a fermented tea. I really love the process and making new flavors with herbs and flowers. I have a bottling and manufacturing license, and work out of a kitchen in the Old West End. I just got to the point where I have small-scale retail distribution to stores, restaurants, coffee shops and yoga studios. I also just set up a biodiesel fueling station on my family’s property in Michigan, so I can drive my car on 99% biofuel until it gets too cold.  


What advantages does living in Toledo offer for your creative efforts?

The cost of living in Toledo is advantageous to a freelance lifestyle. I also have an established network here, which is helpful in access to resources and ideas and opportunities for collaboration. 


Tell us about one of your greatest successes:

This ol' kombucha business I’ve got going right now is looking successful. I’m making sales, getting positive feedback, scaling up based on demand, working (more than) full time and sustaining myself…and I still like it. So far, so good.  


Who or what gives you inspiration? 

People who radiate passion for what they do or even ideas they have — their eyes get big and they talk with their hands and they’re kind of intense — they make me smile and often trigger ideas and motivation. Radical environmentalists are also pretty badass and inspiring, like Sea Shepherds and Earth First! 


Tell us about your background: 

Born in 85’, grew up in Sylvania with my really amazing family and friends. I went to Ohio State and was in the International Scholars Program. I met some really rad people and studied Portuguese in Brazil, which was really an excellent vessel to explore Brazil. I did well academically, but I don’t have too many hard takeaways from economics or any of my other courses. Looking back, it feels like it was more of an environment to learn critical thinking skills, gain new perspectives and formulate ideas. Since I graduated in 2006, I’ve dipped my feet in many streams. The most consecutive thing I’ve done is teach tennis (since 2003), and even that was off and on, and this is actually my first year not teaching or coaching. 


Do you have a motto or favorite quote you try to live by? 

There are many quotes and mottos that express the fact that life goes by faster the older we get, and we learn exponentially, and it’s easy to take a 24-hour day for granted — but those hours add up to our life. So I guess I try to keep that in perspective. It’s not a simple thing, I probably forget more than I remember, but I try and am hopefully getting better. 


Favorite local spot?:

Downtown on a dead night on my bike on Huron St. in between Adams and Madison, where the curbs are just barely higher than the pavement and the buildings are tall and desolate…on my way to the river. 


What's Toledo's "best-kept secret"? 

Not a secret or in Toledo, but Oak Openings is very important and interesting. 


Favorite natural space in Toledo: 

Ottawa Park and the part of Lake Erie where the Maumee is overtaken by the Lake and the color of the water becomes clear. 


When I'm not working hard, I can be found...

At home or out of town. This summer I’ll be in Michigan a ton, which is great. 


If you could change the current landscape for Toledo creatives, what would you do?

Bring in more people . . . to raise the status quo, remedy stagnancy, sustain more/diverse/alternative efforts (and venues), expand the scenes so they’re not so incestuous. 


Name one person (living or dead) who you'd love to collaborate with. 

I’d like to make booze with my great-Jedo (grandfather).  We’d probably make something similar to a botanical probiotic moonshine.


3 words that describe you or your work: 

Fresh, organized, inspired.


I'd like to see ________ in Toledo. 

I could list a hundred things and no less, but I’ll choose this for the answer...The Schweeb Human Powered Monorail


What is the best gift you've ever received? 

I received a handmade wooden locket that closes with twine and a pearl, and inside is hollowed out so it fits a tiny tiny flash drive, for memories and love notes.  


My biggest vice _____________

is not appropriate for print. 


My most inspiring moment was/is: 

Driving around the country on waste vegetable oil by myself for 3 months. And the summer in Toledo that followed. Falling in love is also very inspiring. 


I want my last meal to be ____________.

I think it’d be really lovely to write a storyline of a last meal that is an international progressive dinner. And piece together a meal with one item from the most beautiful places in the world, in great detail. This could make a really great film….

Short ribs; sautéed garlic, carrots, crispy greens and mushrooms; raw milk, coconut butter and honey ice cream with mangos; a fine red wine, hot sourdough bread dipped in rosemary olive oil and balsamic vinegar; and all the best bries and white cheddars and cheeses I have never heard of before, with olives and apple slices. 

Give us 5 'desert island' album picks: 

I keep trying to find trick answers to these questions. Like the progressive last meal. And like a CD that is somehow infinite or has hidden tracks or that has really really long songs or has such convoluted lyrics that it takes forever to decipher them. 

Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser

Tinariwen - Radio Tisdas Sessions

Bob Marley - Kaya

The Antivillains' new album, if they ever finish it. If not I’ll take So Much for Romance

Courtney Barnett is a new like.


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