Streetspun Yarnbombing

Streetspun Yarnbombing


November 19, 2012


Streetspun Yarnbombing


If you've visited downtown Toledo, UpTown, the historic Warehouse District or the Old West End lately, then chances are you've crossed paths with one of Streetspun's masterful yarnbombs. They are delightful, crocheted pieces that cover lamp posts, bike racks and parking meters, bringing just a little bit more life and color into the community. Believe it or not, the Yarnbomber didn't even know how to crochet until June of 2011. With the help of some instructional YouTube videos, Streetspun hasn't stopped making yarnbombs since, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Tell us about your background and how you got started.
I started yarnbombing on International Yarnbombing Day in June of 2011 - I didn't know how to crochet I actually just sewed a scarf on to a pole. It was so much fun that later that evening I had yarn, a crochet hook and YouTube to teach me how to crochet and I have been making yarnbombs ever since. I've tried to branch out in to the world of making crafts but I have no interest, I just want to make yarnbombs! My most favorite projects that I have done are probably the exchanges I did with yarnbombers in France, The UK and Australia. And the yarnbombing at the Love Wall, it gets a lot of hugs.

What current projects are you working on?
Right now I'm working on some requested yarnbombs.  I've also started working on Artomatic 419 projects, which I am soooooo super excited about! But my number one main project and favorite project always is making yarnbombs for public spaces in Toledo!

Tell us who or what gives you inspiration?
What:  Everything from somebody's striped sweater or scarf to a random color pattern or an object that may catch my eye in need of some love.

Who: Toledoans. I couldn't ask for a better city to yarnbomb, everyone has been so supportive and loving.

Do you have a motto or favorite quote you try to live by?
All I see are poles. Poles for yarnbombing.

Describe your studio/workspace?
I mostly just work at home.  The nice thing is that I can take my work pretty much anywhere I go.

Name a favorite place for local culture?
The Love Wall

What advantages does being in Northwest Ohio/Toledo offer your efforts?
The Toledo art scene is gigantic! This city is so creative and there are so many great artists of all mediums.  There is also really great street art established here which I love so much and yarnbombs go great with that.

Choose 3 words that best describe your work.
Colorful, cozy and fun.

Tell us something you would like to see happen creatively in the Toledo area.
More murals. I love murals and Toledo has great spaces for murals.

What steps could be taken to enhance creativity in our city?
Just do it. If you have an idea go for it and don't wait for someone else to do it, make it happen!

What would you like your last meal to be?
Homeslice Pizza.


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