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Friday, October 9, 2020


8:00 am - 4:30 pm


Lucas Soil and Water Conservation District
130 W. Dudley
Maumee, OH

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GENERAL EVENT NOTICE: Due to recent concern over the spread of the corona virus, suggests confirming with the actual organizers that this event is still proceeding as planned.

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The Lucas Soil & Water Conservation District is offering two cover crop seed mixes for use in your backyard garden this fall to provide benefits to your soil all winter long! We have partnered with Walnut Creek Seeds to offer mixes that are well-suited to northwest Ohio. Orders must be placed by September 25 -- the cover crop mixes will be available for pick-up on October 9th outside our office in Maumee. Our staff will be following Covid-19 safety guidelines including social distancing and wearing masks.
At the end of the season, you may be ready to rest but your soil is not! All gardens, like farm fields, benefit from the use of cover crops planted at the end of a season. Cover crops reduce erosion and compaction, and increase water permeation in your garden. They also hold nutrients normally leached from your soil during winter. Additionally, densely planted cover crops will suppress weeds and add organic matter to the soil after they are terminated.
The seed mixes available this fall include:
- Garden Late Cover Mix: a simple cover crop mix designed to plant with a minimal window prior to first frost and still provide the benefits of a cover crop. The combination may be planted up until mid October in Zone 5, late October in Zone 6. It will loosen topsoil, protect your soil from winter erosion and nutrient loss, suppress weeds and provide mulch in the spring and food for soil micro and macro organisms which are crucial for healthy soil. Includes: Cereal Rye, Hairy Vetch and Crimson Clover. A one pound bag will
seed 200-300 square feet.
- Austrian Winter Pea: A quick growing, excellent source of Nitrogen which provides very good erosion control and breaks down quickly. Winter peas are also very good at loosening topsoil and reducing weeds and disease. Succulent stems break down easily. Added bacterial inoculant will maximize nitrogen fixation. Field peas grow rapidly in the cool, moist weather, and can be sown in late fall
to come up quickly in early spring. Spring flowers provide nectar for pollinators, and shoots are edible in salads. A one pound bag will seed 200-300 square ft.
For more information on cover crops and to place an order, visit or stop by our office!


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