T.ES.U. Open Walkthrough

Category: Arts - Performing

Event Date:

Monday, February 5, 2018


12:15 pm - 12:50 pm


Monclova Community Center
8115 Monclova Road
Monclova, OH 43542

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Event Details:

For those impassioned by 'music, arts and drama!', use the following details as your compass:

Catch acts 2&3 from an original, musically-dramatic, audiovisual production's pilot season. [T.ES.U. {tee-esz-u} features melodic story-songs, sci-fi comic graphics and scripted drama!]

For more details, just stop by a few minutes beforehand and decide whether to register in-person {free} to check things out [space-dependent; abiding by its ground-rules; parents/guardians are responsible for their own dependents].

"Nurture life's treasure hunt!"
- "Nate" of T.ES.U.

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