Framework with Pane: Solo Exhibition Reception for Sarah Thomas

Category: Arts - Visual

Event Date:

Friday, November 24, 2017


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


The Art Supply Depo
29 S Saint Clair St.
Toledo, OH 43604

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Join us for the reception of our dear friend Ms. Sarah Thomas' new body of photography on display at The Art Supply Depo's flagship location in Downtown Toledo. 

Sarah will be back in town from Washington D.C. for the Holiday weekend and we cordially request the pleasure of your company to celebrate her work and her spirit. Please feel free to invite guests.

Champage and other light refreshements will be served.

Artist Statement: 
Amid the whirlwind of emotion and experience that accompanies moving to a new city, I’ve sought discomfort and novelty. I’ve tried to embrace that feeling and incorporate it into my recent work, charting new territory in terms of influences and material. Leaving the Midwest has helped me understand how it shaped me, and more broadly, the way in which everything and everyone I’ve worked with has formed the framework for my photography. It’s these layers, which add to and compound upon rather than replace each other, that I’ve recently attempted to explore.

Windows became a fascination during this process: the openings and closings and flashes between opacity and transparency led in alternating fashion to disappointment and exuberance. I looked for familiarity and found none, but as soon as I realized the source of the let down, I stopped comparing what used to be to what is in front of me, and I started seeing new environs in new light. It was through the process of acceptance that I could finally open my mind to a new light, even a new familiarity. I discovered windows represent the presentation of ourselves: we are only as transparent as we want to be, and the differences – closed, open, with or without curtains, with broken or thick panes – can be changed or reinvented through emotional struggle and honesty. But without the sturdy framework of my past, there wouldn’t be a place for new panes of experiences and images to fill the void. I think these photographs make the framework stronger. In my case, making this series in a new city challenged me to figure out how transparent I wanted to be and what this transformation would mean.

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