2019 Gallery Exhibition

Category: Arts - Visual

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center
1225 Broadway Street
Toledo, OH 43609

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Opening Reception for two artists, Jessica Flores & Katrina Flores
Exhibition Dates: July 8 - August 16

About the Artist ~ Jessica Flores
As a Social Worker, I have heard many stories of pain and misery. The secret suffering of the human experience is not isolated to a few, but all of us have a story that is uniquely our own. However, art is an expression of hope, of shared pain, of passion, of dreams, and experiences. Life is hard but so very beautiful. Painting is not only therapeutic but an incredible way of making magic float into reality. In my own suffering, painting frees me to express the anguish. In my suffering, painting allows me to share my awe and fascination of the world around us. I do not feel creative souls ever “arrive” because they know creativity is ever changing and that is exciting to learn more, love more, and search to experience more.
To see more of my work, Please visit: Jessica Flores Studio on Facebook or Jessicaflores0606 on Instagram

About the Artist ~ Katrina Flores
I paint with oils because of the rich fluid feel of the medium, and also because I have 5 children and having paint that stays wet long enough for me to get snacks and fix lunch is nice. My favorite brush is a palette knife, and I tend to paint life, or rather the parts of life that are weighing on my mind when I sit in front of my easel.

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