M.o.M Speed Mentoring

Category: Business & Networking

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


5:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Plate 21
3664 Rugby Dr
Toledo, OH 43614

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M.o.M: Mentoring on the Moment
MoM I- ‘WEE Success Stories’ -10/24

Woman in Politics – Councilwoman Sandy Spang 

Woman in Networking - Debby Peters, Founder of Connext Nation 

Woman in Fitness- Erika D White, Fitzone by Erika 

Woman in Marketing- Nikki Kellers, Mad Ave Collective 

Woman in Food Industry -Pam Weirauch, Pam’s Corner 

Woman as Feminist – Cami Szirotnyak, 20 under 40 and Steinem Sister

Woman in Art – Rachel Richardson, Art Corner Toledo

Millennial in Business – Zobaida S Falah, Founder of Cure Bar

and more TBA! 

Speed Mentoring Program with Women of Toledo 
Get & give career advice, hack career or business problems, and exchange ideas - in record time. No matter what industry you're in, or where you are in your career, chances are, you could use a little advice now & again. Networking at events or trying to approach people you admire -- that's just awkward. The truth is, most industry leaders are happy to share what they know, and they just don’t have time to do so on a one-to-one basis. That’s why WOT launched M.o.M. to help everyone connect in a meaningful, fun & fast-paced way.
M.o.M or speed mentoring is speed dating meets mentoring. At this event, the program is set up like a typical speed dating environment with tables for two. Depending on the number of participants, there could be at least 20 mentors to meet in one session. The goal is for Mentees to meet as many Mentors in 1 ½ hours as humanly possible and have a blast doing it.
A speed mentoring event could potentially support all of these approaches:

Raise awareness of the benefits of mentoring and WOT’s support for economic empowerment.

It could kick-start connections that build over time.

Create chance meetings which lead to a mentoring relationship very soon afterwards.

Formal schemes speed up the resource intensive matching process by enabling mentors and mentees meet many potential matches in a short period of time. 

Mentees might be seeking career advice or help hacking business/career problems. No matter what the mentees' goals are, one thing is sure: when it's all over, some great connections were made. And, everyone parts as friends and/or new peer-network.

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