2017 Collaborative Arts Gala for a Cause

Category: Charity & Fundraisers

Event Date:

Saturday, May 20, 2017


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Collingwood Arts Center
2413 Collingwood Blvd
Toledo, OH 43620

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Word From Jes

I got asked to do a piece for this event from my friend and sponsor James Meyers. After a meeting it turns out he's requesting all the work I can enter.

This will be a raw show of different works over the years before we start the process of organzing my style and persona starting May 11th and forward. I don't consider this a solo show because there will be other works from artists but my work will be on main display which is neat and unexpected. I'd like to state after this show the work will be shown in series as in galleries etc, for now this is just an introduction to some of the different techniques I've tried over the years. This may be the last show before moving.

I am planning to perform as well, which is exciting because I have yet ot pefrom on 100% power,energy and focus. I've always been running on empty at the art loops and such. Hopefully this is the day.

There will be music , awesome food and for a good cause, Down Syndrome!!!

But I need you to RSVP , if you want to go but aren't exactly sure you can still put YES, I know this community is very busy and mucho respect. And for some reason closer to the event change your answer if the situation changes.

ARTISTS! If you want to sell your work, here is a fanstastic opportunity! Mention my name to the number below and you can sell your work and enjoy the food event for $15 instead of $65 . All that money goes to Down Syndrome and the money you earn from sales will be kept 100% to you. James will be inviting buisness collegues from 17 counties so there is an opportunity to sell there.

This is not a juried show, its an opportunity in unity, for everyone- so keep that in mind if you have standards. This is an event of 0 discrimination.

Your work will be hung in the hallway walls and have them ready to sell.

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