Best Side Crayon Drive Season Closer

Category: Charity & Fundraisers

Event Date:

Saturday, October 14, 2017


7:00 pm


Wersell's Bike Shop
2860 W Central Ave
Toledo, OH 43606

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Last one of the year, kids! 
We are close to our 500 box goal but we'd love to blow that # out of the water. Bring all the 24ct Crayolas you can get your hands on.

Rolling from Wersells at 7:30.
Lineup will be announced at the riders meeting.

Fine Print
1. Have fun (easy) 
2. DO NOT get hurt or cause harm to anyone else
3. Obey traffic signals
4. Stay tight and right (leave room for cars to pass the group and cross intersections as efficiently as possible) 
5. Buy rounds, bring cash (these two things will move everything along and some of these places only accept cash)
6. Don't drink too much.
7. Bring 24ct Crayolas (we donate hundreds of boxes of crayons to local kindergartners to help bring color to small lives) 
8. Be respectful
9. Bring a lock and blinkies
10. Get home safely 

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