Success Stories Panel Dialogue: World Hijab Day

Category: Educational

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Thursday, February 1, 2018


5:00 pm - 7:30 pm


West Toledo Branch Library
1320 Sylvania Avenue
Toledo, Oh

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Educational Initiatives Success Stories :Panel Forum on Women in Hijab conjunction with World Hijab Day

Our Educational Initiatives program offers community based knowledge, stories and information about local leaders overcoming their barriers and challenges in life. Discussions center on how we can help support each other, build strategic alliance, coordinate actions, celebrate success and make true progress for high impact in positive social change of our community. Educational Initiatives includes Women’s Success Stories panel discussions designed to promote local diversity and women leaders doing amazing things in the community. In the past we have featured Women in Sports, Politics, Arts, Uniform, Music, Construction, Intercultural and more. 

Building on our desire to learn from and about our community members, and incorporating our belief that diversity is more than skin deep; Women Success Stories Spring program will be featuring Women in Hijab conjunction with World Hijab Day. This panel discussion and presentation around hijab will provide education opportunities that promote a greater understanding of Muslims and the Islamic faith. Hijab is a head covering worn by many Muslim women. Through this engaging panel event, with the help of Muslim scholars and women leaders as panelists, our attendees will learn and understand how far society has come, and needs to go, in offering equal, unbiased education, job, housing, legal or other opportunities when Muslim women live their religion out loud by wearing hijab. 


Zarinah El-Amin Naeem, Anthropologist & Beautiful Wrapped, Founder

Dr. Asma M. Abdel Halim, Associate Professor & Muslim Women's Right Researcher

Zobaida Falah, Millennial Social Entrepreneur

Yolanda & Synene, A Mother & Daughter Duo

The program’s framework helps participants reflect on their role as an individual in creating a more innovated community, appreciate other differences and work towards better understanding for Muslim community/religion of Islam. In addition, panel discussion and dialogue event with Women in Hijab topic promotes the sharing of ideas and explores different ways of looking at our City. It can be the glue that binds diverse societies. 

Women Success Stories featuring Women in Hijab panel discussion is open to the entire Greater Toledo community. Everyone is welcome to attend, including males. We strive to create inclusive and diverse audiences to increase support for female empowerment and generate larger movements for social change. In addition, we have affirmed the great value of intergenerational spaces where we believe that the knowledge, experiences and reflections of all generations are valuable and these connections can make this event more meaningful, creative and relevant. Hence, this event is open to all ages group for the youth, young people and adult of many generations to attend so that they can interact and support each other. Our goal is to reach out, organize and educate 150 -200 people in the community to attend and engage with in this topic.

This event made possible through Fund for Islamic Understanding, Education and Dialog of the Toledo Community Foundation.

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