Toledo Hemp Center Community Cookout for the Kids (Mother's Day)

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Event Date:

Sunday, May 14, 2017


12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Rudy's Hot Dog
946 W Sylvania Ave
Toledo, OH 43612

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The Spring Community Cookout for the Kids is put on to help raise awareness for the growing problem of hungry children in the Toledo area.

The event will have several great activities including:
Free cookout - 12-5pm

Fun fun fun!
More to come....

Items needed to help put on the cookout (list pedning)
400 Hot Dogs
400 Burgers
Foil Serving Platters -
Grilling Utensils - Toledo Hemp Center
600+ cheese slices -
400+ Hot Dog Buns -
400+ Burger Buns -
Drinks -
(2) Ketchup - Toledo Hemp Center LLC
(2) Mustard - Ken Fashbaugh
Forks and Spoons -
(500)Paper Plates - Amanda Luginbuhl
(2-4) Rolls of Paper Towels -
Napkins -
Animal Crackers -
Serving Utensils - Toledo Hemp Center
Pasta Salad - Stacey Armentrout , Ken Michalski
Cole slaw - Tiffany DeMoe
Potato Salad-
Baked Beans-
Bags of chips -
Prepared Fruit Bowl(s)
Assorted Deserts -
Aluminum foil -
Games for the children
Awning for shade of food - Toledo Hemp Center
(3-4) Coolers - (2) Amanda Luginbuhl
5 - Gallon drink cooler(s) - Toledo Hemp Center
Plastic drinking cups
Poster boards -
Folding tables and chairs - Toledo Hemp Center
Any other suggestions to help make this a success are greatly appreciated!
Below are the volunteers needed to help make the event successful:
(2-4) Grill Masters (12pm-5pm) -
(6) Servers -
(2-4) Coordinators to help keep the children excited -
(2-4) Clean up crew -
(2-4) Sign bearers along roadway

Any other suggestions for volunteers feel free to let us know. This great event is made possible by these great organizations:
Toledo Hemp Center
Rudy's Hot Dogs

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