Slush Fund Bottle Release

Category: Just For Fun

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Sunday, March 25, 2018


11:00 am - 1:00 pm


High Level Distilling
201 Morris St
Toledo, OH 43604

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Maumee Bay and Wild Side Brewing Eisbock collaboration, Slush Fund
ˈsləSH ˌfənd/ - noun 
"A reserve of money used for illicit purposes, especially political bribery."

Wild Side Brewing Co. And Maumee Bay Brewing Co. Come together in this frigid political climate to bring you something a little extra special. In late summer of 2017 WS and MBBC brewed a base Dopplebock that exuded noted of caramel, cream and malt. The beer was the put away to partially freeze giving us a wonderfully decadent Eisbock. The beer now gives characters of Brandy, Fig and smooth Malt. 

After fermentation was completed, we also took some of the base Dopplebock and aged in 3 separate, special barrels. One Pinot Noir, one Rum and one Bourbon. 

If all that wasn't enough already, we took some of the non-barrel aged Eisbock and aged on fresh, as well as, baked peaches. 

Each ticket comes with six(6) bottles

(2) Eisbock
(1) Rum BA Eisbock
(1) Bourbon BA Eisbock
(1) Pinot Noir BA Eisbock
(1) Fruited Eisbock

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