StartUp Toledo July - Jim O'Neill on Retail's Second Act

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Thursday, July 27, 2017


6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Manhattan's Pub 'n Cheer
1516 Adams Street
Toledo, Oh 43624

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You’ve seen the headlines, you’ve read the stories. American retail is deflating faster than Kermit at a Macy's Parade. Our own corner of the globe is not immune as we've watched stalwarts like The Anderson's General Store, Sears and Kmart shutter. Others can't be far behind.

What's the solution? UberRUSH home delivery? AmazonWholePaycheck bricks and mortar (with a side of organic, fair trade guac)?

Enter the not-so-humble pop-up shop. You've seen these too, dotting mall corridors like some modern, Americanized, Turkish bazaar. But whose job is it to make pop-ups the savior of retail? 

We're glad you asked.

Join us as we meet the CEO of JBC & Associates (and former Hickory Farms veteran), Jim O’Neill. Jim will take us on a ride through today's retail landscape, and explain how his company brings new visibility to product and service brands through the use of pop-ups, kiosks and other innovations.

We'll see you at Manhattan's. Bring a friend.

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