Mindful Activism Workshop

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Sunday, January 22, 2017


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Buddhist Temple of Toledo
6537 Angola Rd
Toledo, OH 43528

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"Even if we are attempting to promote a good cause, if we act from hate, we sow the karmic seeds of hate in our hearts and the world, but if we act from compassion we sow the karmic seeds of compassion in our hearts and the world. Come, let us develop our capacity for compassionate action together."
- Rinsen Sensei, Abbot of the Buddhist Temple of Toledo

Rev. Rinsen is offering a special Zen Mindfulness for activists series at the Buddhist Temple of Toledo. The format is three consecutive Sunday evenings from 7-9pm with each session focusing on one of the critical aspects of active compassion.

The first workshop on January 8th will be focused on cultivating a personal zen mindfulness practice of equanimity, with seated meditation as its base, and how this applies to the stresses of political activism.

The second workshop on January 15th will focus on practices for developing our compassionate hearts in the midst of the adversity of political activism.

The third workshop on January 22nd will focus on cultivating insight and wisdom of our oneness and interconnectedness with all things, people and events as we engage in our political activism.

All three of these workshops are open to any activist, ally or leader who would like to participate and are designed to be taken together or as drop in workshops. Ideally, do them all as they do build on each other.

To ensure accessibility for all, Rinsen Sensei is volunteering his time for these workshops, but any free will offering to the Buddhist Temple of Toledo will be gratefully accepted.

Please register for these workshops with this FB event so we can plan accordingly.

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