Write to Heal Workshop

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Thursday, March 29, 2018


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


The Oliver House
27 Broadway Street
Toledo, OH 43604

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Are you ready to inspire others with your story?
Is it time to make a real impact by sharing your experiences?
Need some help finding the courage to share?
Feel like you don’t have the tools and strategy to get started writing?

The Write to Heal Workshop is just what you need right now. Join others just like you who are ready for inspiration, connection, and writing strategy. You're going to learn just how to share your story in a way that will inspire and impact the world.

We see you. You have an incredible story, you’ve overcome challenges, and you are yearning to share them with the world. However, when it comes to putting it on paper, you might think to yourself: “My story isn’t grandiose enough, so it probably doesn’t matter.” Or even, “It feels too painful right now.”

After 7 years of being a professional writer and spending over a decade in the mental health field, Amanda realized that sometimes the hard stuff can build up and cause blockages in your writing and in your mind. In the Write to Heal workshop, Amanda has developed a unique process that helps move you out of your trauma and into true healing.

During this intimate workshop, we’ll work through that special formula together to:

-uncover just how powerful storytelling truly is, and how you can heal yourself and others by giving yourself permission to share your story.
-discover where we want our healing to take us and how to get there.
-practice with writing prompts that will help you parse out difficult emotions in a safe space, and learn how to truly heal through writing.
-reach your writing goals.
-support your business with a book.
-use your story to inspire others.
-share your story with grace.
-use emotion without being emotional.
-finally finish your next project.

This workshop also includes:
-an advance copy of Amanda's new book, Blue Rooms
-a complimentary copy of Diana's book, Inspiration in My Shoes

Plus, you’ll get to connect with other inspiring people at this unique gathering! 

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