Toledo Aerial Media Art Print Giveaway

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Sign up below for your chance to win this exclusive large scale canvas art print (12” x 36”) of downtown Toledo. has partnered with TAM (previously known as Toledo Aerial Media) to offer a newly released art print of a stunning Toledo skyline. This large canvas print exemplifies some of the amazing work created by TAM, northwest Ohio’s premier aerial drone service. While TAM has many commercial clients around the country, their local connection has produced some of the most amazing aerial views of recognizable Toledo landmarks. This growing body of beautiful work sparked TAM to open a gallery/office space at 623 Adams Street in downtown Toledo. Whether you are looking for art prints for a residential or commercial space, we think TAM rises above the competition.

What you need to know about TAM:
With the rapid rise of the drone industry over the last year, the amount of businesses entering the marketplace and offering aerial services has increased exponentially. Much more goes into operating a professional, high-quality, safety-conscious drone company than simply purchasing and flying a drone. TAM takes great pride in offering premier aerial drone services for their clients!

  • Certified, Insured, & Exempted
  • Aerial Experts
  • Full-Time Remote Pilot
  • They Invest In You
  • Years of RC Experience
  • Worldwide Availability

Click here to visit Toledo Aerial Media’s website to see more amazing images or learn about their services.

A winner will be selected at random and notified via e-mail by Monday, July 2nd, 2018. If the winner does not respond in a timely manner, reserves the right to offer the print to another participant.

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