Jonelle Massey

Jonelle Massey


January 19, 2016


Style 5:16


A little bit about some of my past projects: 

Sometimes I am an artist, sometimes I am a dancer; most of the time I am an innovator. My past projects have included unique gatherings, expos, events, and businesses. A few summers ago, I planned a high school prom and graduation party expo in New York. I taught a summer-long liturgical dance and flag workshop, and recently opened up a one-stop shop and design boutique and art studio, Style 5:16, in Cricket West Plaza.

I’m currently working on:

Operating Style 5:16. The upstairs loft studio takes consignment shopping to another level, with the addition of design classes and loft parties. You can bead a necklace upstairs to match a blazer and purse you buy downstairs.

Living in Toledo is an advantage for my work because:

Toledo is ready for designer-hip consignment clothing and accessories at resale prices located in a hip, cool boutique locally. You will shop better in Toledo.

One of my greatest successes: 

Making the jump from a profession in mental health to an entrepreneur in retail and art.

What inspires me:

My faith, husband, children and other women who are small business owners.

About my background:

I'm a native of Cincinnati, and attended Xavier University as a student athlete. I worked in the mental health field as a family therapist, college counselor and school counselor with a concentration in art therapy. I reside in the Old Orchard neighborhood with my husband and two daughters.

A favorite quote I try to live by:

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.

Toledo’s ‘best-kept secret’ is… 

Style 5:16 consignment boutique and art studio.


My favorite place to chill locally is… 

The Toledo Museum of Art cafe.


Favorite natural space in Toledo: 

Every street in Old orchard! The trees are beautiful.


When not working hard, I can be found…

Spending time with my family at home.


One person (living or deceased) I’d like to collaborate with: 

Maya Angelou.


An album, book or website I can’t live without: 

The Bible and Pinterest.


Three words that best describe me and/or your work:

Innovative, fresh, thoughtful.


I’d like to see __________ in Toledo:

Splash parks for my children. 


The last lyric that moved me: 

"I'm starting with the man in the mirror." - Michael Jackson


One movie character I identify with:

Harrison Ford in "Air Force One.

The best gift I ever received was…

My children

My most inspiring moment is/was: 

When my 7-year-old told me how proud she was during my grand opening.


I want my last meal to be:

Jeff Ruby steak topped with lobster meat, my mom's greens and my aunt's pound cake. 


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