Rachel Najarian

Rachel Najarian

Jewelry Designer

February 5, 2016


Tell us a little bit about some of your past projects: 

I recently went to Arizona and came back with bags full of beads so I'm excited to put them to use!! 


What are you currently working on?


Trying to get familiar with my bead loom again so I can add more pieces to my collection. And also working on photographing what I have made already and getting it on online either using Etsy or creating my own website. 

Living in Toledo is an advantage for your work because: 

Living in Toledo is an advantage because of the affordable cost of living, we're right next to the river and get to enjoy all four seasons. Toledo is full of art, and with a supportive art community there's a never ending opportunity to get your work out there! Most importantly it's where my family and friends are and they are so supportive of what I want to do. 


What is one of your greatest successes?:

One of my greatest successes would have to be owning my home, it's a great feeling knowing it's mine! And it's given me the space to create a studio right in my own home.


What inspires you?

Being surrounded by other creative souls. Seeing friends and family succeeding.


About your background: 

Toledo born and raised. I've always loved anything having to do with art. A few years ago I took some wire wrapping classes at a shop called Coyote Bead in Bowling Green..I was obsessed from there. I did it for fun until people were asking where I got a necklace or ring I was wearing and realized and I could be selling it. I'm currently working at the Durty Bird downtown and they are so supportive of the art scene. I started setting up for the 3rd Thursday Art Loops my first summer working there. Then I wanted to find more shows so I applied for a few and over the last couple years have done the art walks, makers mart, applebutter fest and a couple shows in the port clinton area. I'm excited to be doing something that I love and look forward to learning more and building a career for myself. 


Is there a favorite quote you try to live by? 

Treat others the way you want to be treated; Be your beautiful self.


What is your favorite local culture in Toledo?

The Art Museum, 3rd Thursday Art Loops, Farmer's Markets 


Toledo's 'best-kept secret' is:

El Tipico (Mexican restaurant)


Your favorite place to chill locally is...

#9  Village Idiot


Favorite natural space in Toledo?

Being on or around the Maumee River. My parents live on the river and there backyard is a beautiful place to sit and relax!  


When not working hard, you can be found...

Crafting things for my house, hanging with friends


If you could change the current landscape for creative progressive people in Toledo . . . 

If I could change anything it would be the negative thoughts of Toledo. Stop complaining that Toledo sucks, get out there and find the cool parts of the city! 


An album, book or website you can't live without: 

Etsy and Pinterest


Three words that describe you and/or your work: 

Colorful, Creative, Handmade


Your top 5 'desert island' picks:

Adele - 21

The Band - Rock of Ages

Turnpike Troubadors - Goodbye Normal Street

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

Florence and the Machine - Ceremonials


What's your biggest vice? 

Coffee, Junior Mints


I'd like to see _______ in Toledo:
I'd like to see more people downtown.


The last dream you recall:
I don't usually remember my dreams . . . guess I haven't had any good ones lately! 


The last lyric that moved you:
"It's like you see right through me / And make it easier   — Ray Lamontagne


One movie character you identify with:
I don"t know if I necessarily identify with her but I have always loved Penny Lane from Almost Famous


The best gift you've ever received:
A trip to Arizona...It was my first trip on my own! 


My most inspiring moment is/was: 

While in Arizona I hiked Camelback Mountain..it was beautiful and being surrounded by different scenery is always inspiring!


I want my last meal to be: 

Anything mediterranean, and surrounded by friends and family.

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