Toledo Museum of Art Ranked One of America?s Favorites

Toledo Local Features  |  08/26/2010 7:00 am

Yesterday at 12 p.m. commenced the final stage of voting for Modern Art News’ poll, “America’s Favorite Art Museum.” Modern Art News, or MAN, is a blog run by Tyler Green, a well-known journalist and blogger for the arts. Green’s enthusiasm for the arts and journalistic works in art and art history has made America’s Favorite Art Museum a very big deal on the Internet with the Toledo community.

Similar to previous polls on Green’s blog, he utilized a MCAA-style competition that ranked 64 different museums in the United States. The Toledo Museum of Art and Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts have made it to the final two most popularly voted museums in the nation.

“If I owned an art museum I would be ecstatic,” Green said. “The overwhelming majority of Americans have their primary and most significant encounters with art at museums.”

He sparked the poll to help expose the historic artworks across the country.  It began as a way to figure out where people like to spend their time.

“August in the art world is really slow,” he said. “Hopefully the tournament has given something for people to appreciate.”

One of his significant interests in art journalism is the ability to spotlight museum collections. “One wonderful thing about art is that its one of the few things that has been progressing at a steady pace throughout the history of organized human society,” he said. “It’s a way of understanding the past and reading the past.”

Kelly Garrow, Director of Communications at TMA, stressed a sense of positivity on behalf of the Museum.
“Our team as a whole feels really engaged,” Garrow said. “The ‘old school’ museum thinking was that you don’t want too much PR or promotion, or that if something is popular it must not be that good or you’ve sold out.”
She stressed a need to change that way of thinking and try to reach out to the public.

“The more progressive museums are going toward this model that TMA has been doing for years, which is about real community engagement,” she said.  “We’re about scholarship and learning. We’ve always stood for ways to make it accessible to everybody. The quality has not changed; it’s about changing the way people access what we have. “

Voting for Tyler Green and Modern Art News’ poll, “America’s Favorite Art Museum” opened its final round yesterday at 12 p.m. To vote between the Toledo Museum of Art and Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, visit The voting window will end on Sunday, August 29 at 5 p.m.

For the remainder of the week, Green will be displaying the galleries from each museum via Twitter at

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