Fangs Out CD Release Saturday

Listen Up Toledo  |  07/08/2010 7:00 am

Record release parties are always a good reason to get crazy wild and have an insane time. Even better is when the band releasing the album is one of underground Toledo's favorites.

On Saturday, July 10, two-piece punk outfit Fangs Out will release a munch anticipated debut LP called Speech Shadowing. The ten-song record is a lo-fi luxury full of raunchy guitars, dirty noise, fat stomps, and sublimely melodic vocals. Inspired by the golden age of punk (70s-80s), singer/guitarist Samantha Wandtke and drummer Mark Peterson have a keen sense of the raw melody and careless charisma that transcends punk rock into the realm of street soul. With touches of The Kills, The Breeders, and Siouxie Sioux, there's a pulsing darkness to Fangs Out's music that's reminiscent of Joy Division, another of the band's influences.Wrapped in a dazzlingly designed package that's as clean and rough as the music inside, Speech Shadowing will be a treat to local music lovers who thrive on Toledo's signature grease-knuckle sound.

Joining on the bill for the big kick off are Cleveland, Ohio's own lady-fronted ? all-girl actually - dance-punk weirdos, HotChaCha, who are known for putting on hot, sweaty, sext, riotious shows, as well as Toledo's own indie-experimentalists The Forest, making some of the most interesting music happening in Toledo.

The party pops off at Woodchucks (224 S. Erie St., across from Erie Street Market) at 9 p.m.