Regional Showcase of Cinematic Instrumental Rock takes Stage at Finn's

Listen Up Toledo  |  02/17/2011 7:00 am

Toledo is in for a unique showcase of heady, atmospheric tunes from some great regional neighbors this weekend as Detroit's Sunlight Ascending, Howell's Good Weather for Airstrikes, and Columbus' The End of the Ocean rack up a pretty stellar bill at Mickey Finn's Pub.

Moody, dreamy, and a little haunting, Sunlight Ascending crafts big, sweeping, cinematic instrumental soundscapes that make you feel like the The Lone Ranger riding solo through the cosmos back in time, right into the heart of the Big Bang.

The aforementioned Detroiters are joined by fellow Michiganders, Good Weather for Airstrikes. With a similar aesthetic at work as Sunlight Ascending, this quartet is rooted in its simple, pumping rhythms, atop which cool tonality and crafty guitar work play freely to create vibrant, inspiring crescendos, capped by soothing, Gibbard-esque vocals and insightful lyricism.

Rounding out the regional connection is Ohio's own The End of the Ocean, a fiery fivesome with a complimentary illusory style that works through nice movements in instrumental build-ups and breakdowns to create the perfect mixture of astral projection and aggro-release.The End of the Ocean has a penchant for crafting tunes that move freely from beautiful to trippy to heart-tugging to fist clenching without seemingly overly-contrived, just well crafted.

In short, if you like a high-energy show where you can close your eyes and let the music take you on a little journey through space and time, there's a good chance you should clear your schedule for this one.This is a pretty inter-stellar showcase of what's happening around us.

Sunlight Ascending, Good Weather for Airstrikes, and The End of The Ocean play Mickey Finn's Pub (602 Lagrange St.) on Saturday, February 19. Doors at 8:30 p.m. $5 cover.