If The Shoe Sticks

Keeping Up With Kids  |  01/12/2012 7:00 am

Toledo entrepreneur Joe Chew has developed a kids shoe brand that might even be better than toys. He and his business partners call it Stikii, and they're hoping the idea sticks with children in Toledo and across the world.

Stikiis are fun, brightly-colored shoes that somewhat resemble a more playful Crocs (think lime greens, hot pinks and fire engine reds). They demand to be seen, and what really makes them fun are the "Stik-ems"?tradable cloth and 3D plush icons that stick to the upper half of the shoe in a similar form to Velcro. Kids can decorate their Stikiis with flowers, animals, cars and more, interacting with their shoes like they would their toys.

Intended for children 3-9, Stikiis are available online (click the Build A Shoe tab), and ideally will be picked up by a shoe chain and big box stores in the near future. Check out the Stikiis showroom at 5844 W. Central, next to Radio Shack. For more information, www.stikii.com.