Daniel Mauk: Colorful Drawings

Eye On Art  |  11/08/2012

Daniel Mauk: Colorful Drawings

Exhibition runs November 7th - December 28th
Opening Reception: Friday, November 16th, from 6 - 8:30 PM

Daniel Mauk captures grace, vulnerability and humanity in all of his drawings. Daniel's sketchy, multi-media works show the spontaneity of life's fleeting moments, but are rendered just enough to remind us of the permanence of life's important memories and situations.  Upon closer inspection, works that seem at first-glance to be light-hearted reveal a deeper cultural significance alluded  by the careful and conscious choice of the artwork's title.

Join The Art Supply Depo for a reception to celebrate this series of colorful drawings. Light food and wine will be served.
The Art Supply Depo is located at 29 South St. Clair Street, between Washington and Lafayette streets, one block away from 5/3 Field in Toledo's historic Warehouse District.  Parking is available on St. Clair Street.

Colorful Drawings Manifesto | Daniel Mauk

1. If the portrait is unbelievable (that is the anatomical features are unintentionally incorrect) the drawing will fall apart.

2. The irony in the subject matter, if any exists, should be subtle.

3. Let the viewer construct meaning: No one likes to be told what a drawing is about nor does he or she want to hear a [heavy-handed] opinion.

4. Conscious composition is mandatory.

5. The colors used in a drawing should work well together, if they don't, i.e. wrong decisions were made, study the drawing for its failure then throw out.

6. Drawings need to be relevant; if they don't further develop either a technique or subject matter one thing will occur: The drawing will be objectively and subjectively bad.

For more information on the artist, and images of Daniel's work, visit http://danielmauk.com/.
For questions about the exhibition, call The Art Supply Depo at 419.720.6462 or visit http://www.artsupplydepo.com/.