Hudson Gallery Presents Africas

Eye On Art  |  09/25/2013

The Hudson Gallery presents a first of it’s kind exhibition titled Africas-Contemporary Work from the Continent on view at the gallery’s downtown Sylvania, Ohio space.  This new exhibition will display more than 60 works of contemporary art by artists from Africa. The works in this exhibit will represent the largest showcase to date of contemporary artwork from the African Continent in our region. The featured works will include paintings, prints and textiles.  

Traditionally, Africa is considered to be a singular whole. The truth is Africa is such a huge and historically complex mix it can not, thoughtfully, be considered a singular Africa. Thus the title of our exhibition “Africas”. 

Universally, all artistic vision will often attempt to define an individual culture. These exhibiting independent artists from various locals within the African Continent offer us a view of their unique world, their own remarkable culture, their vision. “A society without culture, is an asylum” states Nigerian artist Tunde Odunlade.  Their artwork speaks to their struggle as artists and people within an ongoing and developing context of hardships and growth. 

This amazing selection of work was created by artists a world away and will be shown for the first time in Northwest Ohio.  Among the many exhibiting artists will be Fred Mutebi, Jak Katarikawe, Sane Wadu, Rosemary Karuga, Tunde Odunlade Ibou Ndoye, Tayo Denaike and Stanley Agbontaen.    

Artist Talk by Nigerian artist Tunde Odunlade during the Opening Reception (6-8pm) on October 5th. 

Tunde Odunlade is an internationally acclaimed print and textile artist who has exhibited, taught and lectured within Nigeria and throughout the United States and Europe.