Cleveland Crush Move To Toledo

Toledo Local Features  |  12/18/2013

As it grows and continues to be surrounded by controversy, the Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie Football League) announced yesterday that after two years in Northeast Ohio, the Cleveland Crush will be relocating to Toledo. The first home game takes place at The Huntington Center on May 10, 2014. 

Founded in 2003, the women's indoor full-contact league premiered as a once-a-year, pay-per-view event called the Lingerie Bowl, which annually aired during halftime of the Super Bowl from 2004-06 then was cancelled each year from 2007-2009 for various reasons. In 2009, the LFL was expanded to 12 teams in four divisions, with The Crush sharing a division with Baltimore and Philadelphia. In a rebranding effort, the league underwent its name change in 2013, while also reworking its logos and replacing the lacy uniforms, although, really, the jerseys basically remained the same. 

Old uniforms:

New uniforms: 

LFL Chairman Michael Mortaza who made headlines last year after claiming that his league had previously fired some of the then-Replacement Refs that were working in the NFL during the strike said that Cleveland did not fit into his business model. 

“Cleveland is an incredible sports town and the Q Arena is one of the finest arenas in the country. While it was an incredible combination for us, it simply did not fit within our business model moving forward. Toledo and specifically the Huntington Center is an incredible setting for LFL Football and it also provides proximity to draw athletes, coaches and fans not only from Toledo but Cleveland and Detroit as well,” Mortaza stated in a press release.

The LFL is attempting to become a global league in 2014, adding teams in Europe and Australia. During recent tryouts, a New Zealand women has claimed that she was rejected for not being "lean enough" before she even hit the field after submitting a required bikini photo.

Open tryouts will be held at a TBA location on January 4. 

For more information about tickets, visit The Huntington's website




Watch an entire Cleveland Crush game below: