NAH Collective Spends A Weekend at The Ottawa Tavern

Listen Up Toledo  |  12/20/2013

For the next two days, Friday, December 20 and Saturday, December 21, the NAH Collective ? a Toledo-based, DIY-driven company that helps musicians record, market themselves and collaborate with a pool of similar artists on any budget ? is taking over the Ottawa Tavern. Here's a rundown of what you can expect: 


Friday, December 20


Playing with disco is dangerous. It hasn't been popular in decades and often only gets brought up in jokes, but Rollergirl's clever brand only slightly brushes up to what came out of the 70s, instead being heavy on foot-tapping, feel-good funk that is surrounded by dreamy layers of contemporary electronica. As it builds and falls and gets weird, one thing's for sure: it makes you want to move. 

Rollergirl - Skater Lady (OFFICIAL Music Video) from Rollergirl on Vimeo.



Saturday, December 21

Trees No Leaves 

Good psychedelic music has drive. But instead of having just a touch of backbone, Trees No Leaves punches you straight in the face. Matching spacey, ambient guitars that shred and a splash of electronica with a thunderous rhythm section that doesn't sound quiet even when it seems to try, these guys have quite a bit of bite. 

Conestoga Trace 

Throwing indie rock, Americana and soul in a blender, Conestoga Trace's careful groove ? that bounces from clean and silvery to distorted and disgruntled ? suits the raspy, powerhouse vocals that sound like John McCauley took voice lessons from the Staples Family. 


Playing energetic pop with dance-rock sensibilities, Fluffer's charisma is based on being as intelligent as they are fun. Both the lyrics and music are brilliantly arranged to be both intricate and easily digestible, skyrocketing their likeability. 

Chinese School 

Columbus' Chinese School has everything we love about old-school, muscular rock bands: rhythm guitar chord progressions with dominance, straightforward lead riffs, a heavy-handed, busy drummer and a bass player that holds it all together. But singer Benjamin Wagner doesn't let them live in the past, weaving in a melancholy, smooth vocal style that sounds entirely modern. 


The Ottawa Tavern is located at 1817 Adams St. Music starts at 10pm both nights. Admission is free.