Sixtyten Sessions: Toledo?s Nexus for Electronic and Jazz Music is Groove Plexus

Listen Up Toledo  |  By Michael Pierce  |  10/12/2015

While the dynamic duo formula has swept across numerous genres of music in recent years, the jazz-plus-EDM soundscapes brought together by Galen Bundy and Dan Konold of Groove Plexus deliver a solid musical presence for Toledo to be proud of.

Sans vocals, their music is comprised of drums, a handful of synthesizers, and a Rhodes piano.

The two began playing together while studying music at BGSU. “We met while completing our jazz performance undergrads. During that time we played together in several school combos, mostly in an organ trio setting”, says Bundy.

How do you blend these two styles of music together?

“Stylistically, we approach electronic music like jazz musicians. That is to say, we use sounds, grooves, and techniques found in genres like dubstep and trance, but put them in a highly improvisatory and interactive context”.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

“We listened to a lot of music together, checking out groups like Medeski, Martin, and Wood, Mehliana, and Nerve, all of whom integrate electronics into their music. So it was pretty natural for us to start playing as a duo where I handle bass with my left hand or foot (like in an organ group) while both of us experimented with electronic sounds.”

Check out their live video at Sixtyten of “The Crunch”, and look for them at numerous venues around the Toledo area.