A 'Transformative' Place: The Space

Toledo Local Features  |  By Kelly Thompson  |  08/04/2016 9:00 pm

Downtown Toledo has a new place: The Space.

You may enjoy the idea of a lunch-break or evening meditation, BUTI yoga or hooping class, but aren’t sure where to start. To fill that need, Toledo natives Joni Johnson, her sister Emily Mitchell, and local yoga instructor Sydney Parker have collaborated to create The Space. 

Located on the 3rd floor of the Secor Building in downtown Toledo, The Space opened on August 1, and welcomes newcomers to yoga, meditation, and dance classes, with more options in the works.

From dream to reality

On the third floor of the massive Secor Hotel building (425 Jefferson Ave.), the three owners have designed a multi-use oasis for physical connectivity, for mindfulness, and to let loose. It’s a place to try something new, to feel free to be yourself, they emphasized, without fear of judgment if you aren’t perfect at a certain yoga pose, or have never mastered hula hooping. The main goal of The Space is to provide what Johnson calls a “transformative experience,” and newcomers to yoga, dance and/or meditation are especially welcome.

The concept for the business originally came to Mitchell in a dream. Her experience teaching dance was also an inspiration. “It’s always been a dream of mine—and also a literal dream that I had—to open a space that could be kind of multifunctional, that people can use for dance classes, yoga practice, host birthday parties, and anything, really,” Mitchell explained.

The class schedule has been posted on their Facebook page, and includes jazz, hip hop and tap dance classes; BUTI yoga; meditation flow and hula hooping. Johnson noted there are plans in the works for several more classes beginning in late August, including a self-defense class for women.

“When you’re in The Space, it’s welcoming, and you feel free, at home,” Mitchell said. “As we go through our process [of developing The Space], we want it to be a place where you can be yourself—put away everything else you’ve been dealing with that day, and let loose,” she said.

Currently, classes cost $10 each, and Johnson says they are working on monthly plan ideas for the near future.

“Each of us that are leading classes has a vision of holding space for others to explore creative movement and authentic self-expression,” said instructor and co-owner Sydney Parker. “This is a place for all to come and inquire about themselves, and to empower themselves in their own individual ways.”

See The Space on Facebook, and stay informed about upcoming classes and events here.