?Small Wonders, with A Bigger Picture.? A new Art Exhibit Now Open Bowling Green

Eye On Art  |  01/02/2019 11:00 am

As we celebrate the beginning of a New Year, Northwest Ohio Artists have assembled a new collection of outstanding art and handmade objects which speaks to the causes and passions of New Beginnings.  The exhibit called “Small Wonders, with a Bigger Picture,”   is on display thru April 30th at the Sam B’s Restaurant Gallery (163 S. Main Street) and reflects subjects many Northwest Ohioans are passionate about. On display are over 150 new items of various sizes using diverse Medias but all reflect the theme of representing a bigger picture or cause.   

An opening reception to meet the artists and view the collection will be held on Thursday evening January the 17th from 7-9 p.m.   Community members are invited to stop in at 163. South Main Street, in Bowling Green to enjoy free appetizers and drinks in the back bar area of the restaurant, while viewing the collection on display throughout the restaurant.

In keeping with the “Small Wonders with a Bigger Picture” theme several favorite local artists offer their own vision.  Randy Bennett is exhibiting a pair of large historic mixed media collages that capture events, and moments from the past.   As we view the images from a by-gone era, the artist asks us to reflect that “Man seldom considers or understands the consequences of his actions until the act is done."  Dave Grabarczyk is a Perrysburg artist who appeals to those favoring ecologically sound practices while desiring beautiful and useful objects.  With skill he transforms the renewable resource of natural hardwoods into timeless heirloom boxes. His timeless designs with American and Asian influences and superb craftsmanship show the natural beauty of the wood including walnut, ash, mahogany, oak, padauk, purpleheart, blood wood, sapele and black veneer.  Many of his designs are created using a band saw which enables him to make flowing shapes with intricate drawers.    Many boxes sport deep lined cubicles and even secret pull out drawers to hide treasures with a size to match every budget.

Bowling Green artist Melanie A. Stinson is inspired by nature and the cosmos, themes she either distills into abstract impressions or expands into collages. A highly spiritual person, Melanie has more recently been influenced by the meditative Sumi brush painting technique She sings and prays over many of her pieces during the creative process, and knows her viewer will bring their own interpretation as they view her work. 

Artistic License by NJA is a Perrysburg Artist who is sharing a new collection of flowers, forests and abstracts.   As she creates her images she likes to often “deviate from rule, conventional form, logic or fact in order to produce a desired effect.”   Including the words “Artistic License”  in her business name she reminds us that the images she creates are unique one of a kind images.

Craig Graham of Defiance is a new featured artist for this exhibit with his work being provided for public viewing courtesy of Library House Galleries in Grand Rapids, Ohio.  He is particularly adept at creating a bird’s eye view of his subject matter often creating vivid Ohio landscapes with deep shadows, stark trees and sun-lit skies infused with vibrant color.  Besides his landscapes on display, he has also created a collection of reverse silhouettes with details.  These silhouette pieces use a vivid shape to draw the attention of the viewer, and then provide details inside the shape, which has the effect of looking through a key hole to discover details.  For example, within the shape of a motorcycle one gets an inside look at the scenery one would view from the road as they journey.

Experienced husband and wife artists Bob and Darlene Krohn provide us with diverse viewing experiences. Bob is displaying a couple of his Three-dimensional sculptures fashioned from Welded Steel,  while  Darlene is showcasing quality Giclee prints of her intricate Pen, Ink and Watercolor collages. 

In addition quality new items are featured by many other NW Ohio artists including experienced jewelry artists Kate Argow, and Mary Mascazine.  New Digital photography is exhibited by David Ridenour, J.D. Jensen, and Scott Schrader who captured an outstanding Bald Eagle on a reserve in Alaska.   For those who enjoy traditional style florals or landscapes they might enjoy the selections from Sylvia Benson or Matthew Richmond.    Also offered are new fused glass designs by Eagle Glassworks, hand painted glass stemware by Klaire Russell as well as works by Jeremy Anderson, Regina Hilton, Emanuel Enriquez, Joshua Lee Haus, Cindy Tesnar, and Les Robertson.