"Speed Dating" Event Brings Wholesale Buyers & Local Food Producers Together

Daily Dose  |  03/08/2019 10:00 am

On Monday April 1st, wholesale food buyers in the food services industry are invited to meet 20 local food producers in a ‘speed dating’ format at FreshSpoke’s Fusion Event.

Wholesale food buyers will have the opportunity to sample a range of locally produced food products and build new relationships with suppliers who sell their products in the FreshSpoke Marketplace. This exclusive event will take place from 6:30 pm- 9:30pm at Black Cloister Brewery 619 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43604. All proceeds will go to Food For Thought, a local nonprofit serving Toledo with mobile food pantries.

“The goal of these events is to strengthen the relationships between buyers and suppliers and grow the local food economy,” said Marcia Woods, CEO and co-founder. “FreshSpoke is making it easier for local suppliers to earn a good income, while at the same time, making procurement faster and more reliable for restaurants, institutions and retailers. It’s a win-win.”

Currently FreshSpoke serves the north-west region with plans to rollout throughout the remainder of Ohio and then the rest of the United States and Canada. Wholesalers that plan on attending the event include: Actual Coffee, Divine Living 123, Maumee Valley Growers, CURE Bar, and Natural Science Technology Center, Sarnies, Sautter’s Marketplace, and Suburban Bottle.

There is a dramatic shift in preference amongst consumers toward more locally sourced sustainably grown foods and a growing number of retailers and restaurants are starting to offer their customers with more local food options. But distribution and logistical challenges have prevented Ohio farmers and food artisans from entering the commercial supply chain. In fact, food items sold and served in the region are estimated to have travelled up to 1000 miles to reach the average Ohioans’ plates. “FreshSpoke’s sales and logistics platform tackles this problem by tapping into the excess capacity in the commercial delivery system, making the food distribution process more efficient & cost effective for all parties while contributing to a more sustainable food system.” Said Woods. FreshSpoke’s Host Partner for the event is Black Cloister, a brewery born from a trio of inspirations: a love of great beer, a desire to build community in Toledo, and a wish to give back. The featured producer is Divine Living in Bryan, OH. They provide high quality organic foods and products to help people live healthier and happier lives


FreshSpoke's B2B sales & logistics platform makes local food more accessible by providing wholesale buyers with the ability to source directly from local food suppliers and delivering to the door using the excess capacity that already exists in commercial delivery. FreshSpoke is available as a web and mobile app. For more information, visit www.freshspoke.com