Dog of the Week: Meet Colt

Daily Dose  |  03/13/2019 2:00 pm

Colt, 1 year old, has been in search of that special someone since November!

"A rock on the outside, but marshmallows and syrup on the inside. Nothing better than some old Johnny Cash records and fresh things to pee on for this guy. I love America, sticking my head out of the car window, and watching epic fail vids. So if you’re into simple joy like getting off work early, or petting a dog, we should hang out and maybe drink some water out of the toilet. I love to dance when no one is looking, and live life to the fullest! Want to live it with me? My number is A024891, come swing by Lucas County Canine Care & Control and let's hang!"

Colt and 60+ of his canine friends are in need of homes right now! Spring is the perfect time to adopt, so stop on down to Lucas County Canine Care & Control - 410 S Erie St. downtown Toledo - and find your new best friend! If you are missing your dog, or lost without a dog, photos of all stray and adoptable dogs, can be found at