Dog of the Week: Meet Willy Wonka

Daily Dose  |  06/05/2019 9:00 am

Life Lesson #1: It isn't really about how big you's more about how big you play, and I know how to play big. The word small is not in my vocabulary. Funsize, that's what I am...FUNSIZE! Come to the shelter to meet me Willy Wonka, maybe toss a ball around, share some snacks, and take me home, maybe?  I could be your Golden Ticket!

Willy Wonka is only about a year old and is such a fun little dog!  He and 60 of his friends are looking for homes right now at Lucas County Canine Care & Control.  It is the perfect time to adopt! Go visit adoptable dogs or look for a lost dog at 410 S Erie Street (downtown), open Monday-Friday 11-7 and weekend 11-5. Or check them out on your favorite social media channel or by visiting